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Funway is a residence for university students, opponents and those who move to Madrid to study a master’s or postgraduate degree.

Stay in a student residence and pass the MIR

Pass the MIR

You are a medical student and you have already graduated, now you have the last effort, but it is not a normal effort, it is an effort that will depend on the rest of your professional career, it is the effort that will decide which medical specialty you can choose. Welcome to the MIR, the examination of access to a position of Resident Medical Intern. Something that does not exist in any other career that takes place in Spain.

To do this you must prepare well, but above all you should focus that preparation in an environment that allows you to be able to perform efficiently. Continue reading “Stay in a student residence and pass the MIR”

Study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Benefits of study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Expanding your studies in a foreign country may be a very good option because it will open your mind in a very positive way. If you have chosen Spain, even though it is a fairly easy country you must take into account a series of points so that your experience is positive and you can get all the necessary performance to a unique experience. Continue reading “Study a postgraduate degree in Spain”

Postgraduate studies with future

Expand your professional profile, study a postgraduate

After the Bologna Plan, a convergent process was initiated among the member countries of the European Economic Community, which aims to speed up the exchange of graduates and thus be able to adapt university studies to the real social demand, increasing their competitiveness and quality. It is a method of studies quantified through ECTS credits.

Although the Bologna Treaty is not a binding treaty, this process led to the creation of a European Higher Education Area. This led to the incorporation of different countries to the treaty that undertook educational reforms during the first years of the 21st century. Continue reading “Postgraduate studies with future”

The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018

Do you know what are the most demanded masters of 2018?

Last year we talked about the most demanded masters of 2017 and it is that the end of the course is approaching and many are the young people who will take the step from the school to the University. Others will decide to do a master to specialize more in a particular subject. As is logical, the doubts about what to study is something that happens normally. Deciding on a university degree or a master’s degree is something that will surely determine your future. Our advice let yourself be carried away by your senses that surely in the end you will take the correct option. Continue reading “The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018”

Big Data

Why study a Big Data master

Since Obama won his first elections thanks to the Big Data and thanks to a simple study to find out which voter was most receptive to receive a call, at what time, with what accent and with what disposition to attend it, a global kick was given of something that would change the history of marketing. Continue reading “Big Data”

Study a master

Recycle by studying a Master

Nowadays the world has changed so fast that it is very easy to become obsolete without realizing it. Professions that were once linear today have completely changed and it is very easy to find yourself stuck in a work environment or even have little prospect of progress if we only have the knowledge we studied in a career that we approved years ago. Continue reading “Study a master”

Funway, the best student accommodation Madrid

Do you know why Funway is the best student accommodation in Madrid?

The decision to study in Madrid is almost as important as the decision of where to stay to live in Madrid. Madrid is a great city of about 7 million people and it is crucial that you choose the right place to stay so that your stay and your studies are prosperous and unforgettable.

Why choose the Funway student accommodation instead of other student residences?

We explain you the reasons why we are the best student accommodation in Madrid: Continue reading “Funway, the best student accommodation Madrid”

The latest trends in Digital Marketing

The latest trends in Digital Marketing

We can say that in the world of Digital Marketing there are no boring moments, as the technologies keep moving at a dizzying pace and with them appear new solutions to communicate more and better with our potential customers.

From Funway Resort Student Residence we want to leave you the latest trends in the world of Digital Marketing.

Continue reading “The latest trends in Digital Marketing”

Reasons to study a Master

Do you want to know some reasons why it is a good idea to study a master?

If you want to specialize in a specific area and expand your knowledge, studying a master will be the best option. Today from Funway we give you some reasons why it is a success to study a Master.

There are to many reasons to study a Master. You will expand knowledge and you will have more access to the labor market.

Nowadays people are very prepared, few are those that conform to a university career. Most young people continue to expand their studies with masters, postgraduates, languages ​​… Without doubt, studying a master’s degree is a good option for further training and recycling.

Reasons to study a Master: Continue reading “Reasons to study a Master”