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Student residence madrid Funway is the best place to live. Our philosophy, The Fun Way of Living, is to always go further and get enjoyment in everything we do; our culinary spaces are designed to share. Share a nice meal in good company, share large and bright spaces, share viewpoints and exchange knowledge. Do you want to share with us this unforgettable experience?

Someone said that paradise is where oneself is. That was exactly what we were thinking when we created a dorm where every corner invites you to enjoy this stage of life where you need to work hard: in this dorm you will find many common spaces in which to relax, exercise and socialize. We invite you to discover them all.

Studying no one can beat us. Funway Academic Resort is a student residence in which work dedicated facilities have been designed to promote concentration and provide all the services that a student might need.. We have thought of everything: fully equipped library, study rooms, spaces for conferences and workshops, reprographics room… light, order and a good amount of space.

Medicine and MIR

MIR(Hospital resident)

If you have finished your medical career you still have one more step, probably the most important if you want to work in public health, the MIR.

You can practice without this degree but it will have to be in the private system so it is a last obstacle that you will have to go through before putting on a white coat in a public hospital.

It is not an impossible test, but if a test that requires a lot of effort and planning on your part, it is estimated that around seven months of intensive preparation, and if you have managed to finish the medical degree you are more than prepared to face it with the Guarantees to approve it, not without effort. Continue reading “Medicine and MIR”

Funway in summer

Stay at the Funway student residence this summer

Do you have to study this summer? We are not going to ask you if it is because you have not studied enough during the course and now you have to study everything you have not studied during the year, either because you are preparing an opposition, or simply because you are coming to do a special course to Madrid this summer. Whatever your reason is, encourages that face that although the Madrid in summer is very hot also has a lot of secrets that will make your stay is most fruitful and you can achieve all your study objectives, without having to live a hell. Continue reading “Funway in summer”

Types of rooms in Funway

Rooms in Funway are different

Numerous studies reveal that it is fundamental for our daily life, and our health can depend on it, that we have a proper rest, since if we do not have it we will begin to be far from tranquility, we will suffer fatigue, bad mood, even anxieties.

That is why in the funway student residence we have designed our rooms thinking that the students who live in it do so in the most comfortable way possible, so that they are sufficiently rested and can fulfill all their objectives.

At the Funway student residence we understand that not all students are the same, nor do they have the same needs, so we have a wide variety so that all of our students feel comfortable and satisfied. Continue reading “Types of rooms in Funway”

The most demanded Professions in 2018

The most demanded Professions in 2018

The Professions most in demand are having an important evolution and in this 2018 it will be noticed.

From Funway Resort Student Residence in Madrid we give you some progress on how is the labor market and the evolution that will suffer.

Demand for professions

We will start this small trip for the professions most in demand, highlighting that the professions dedicated to the online world are on the rise.

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Study Social Education

Study Social Education

Social Education is an interdisciplinary career that receives relatively little attention in the lists of possibilities for students interested in society from the point of view of non-formal education and assistance.

The profile that emerges from studying a career as Social Education is mixed: they are professionals with a dense humanistic as well as technical training.

The work they can do combines planning sessions and pure and simple management with fieldwork that maintains contact with the object of study always updated.

If you are interested in Social Education from Funway Resort University Residence in Madrid we leave you some tips so you can decide for a degree as interesting as necessary in society.

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8 benefits of life in a Student Residence

8 benefits of life in a Student Residence

The Student Residence is a great place to make friends, find classmates and enjoy college more closely.

From Funway Resort Student Residence Madrid we present you 8 benefits of life in a Residence.

There comes a time of decisions in life, and those are university life away from home.

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Study Psicology

Study Psicology

Studying Psychology we can say that it is one of the most attractive options when it comes time to consider what university studies to pursue.

It is something that can be easily verified by seeing that, year after year, the Psychology degree is one of the most demanded year after year.

From Funway Resort Student Residence of Madrid we will answer some questions you should ask yourself before deciding to study Psychology.

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Student Residence or Flat Share

Student Residence or Flat Share

Student Residence or Shared Flat is a difficult and determining decision when starting an adult life.

To decide nothing better than to analyze the pros and cons of each option.

From Funway Resort Student Residence in Madrid we want to leave you the advantages that you will get when staying in a Shared Apartment or a Student Residence.

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5Tips to choose a Student Residence

5Tips to choose a Student Residence.

Choosing a Student Residence is one of the most important decisions.

If you are going to study outside, from Funway Resort we offer you 5 keys to choosing a Student Residence.

Many students who have to travel outside their usual place to study their university career.

It may be that the destination university is too far away to go and return every day.

In that case students have two main options: rent a flat or a room in a Student Residence.

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Student Residence Vs High School College

Student Residence Vs High School College

Both a Student Residence and a High School College are the best options for the performance of university life.

They offer to all that goes the support and lodging.

Maybe you’re asking the difference between the two to decide where to go.

From Funway Resort Student Residence we explain the main differences.

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