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If you come to live in Madrid to do any type of training, Funway is the best student residence to stay. The Funway of living, the best place to study, share and enjoy.

Medicine and MIR

MIR(Hospital resident)

If you have finished your medical career you still have one more step, probably the most important if you want to work in public health, the MIR.

You can practice without this degree but it will have to be in the private system so it is a last obstacle that you will have to go through before putting on a white coat in a public hospital.

It is not an impossible test, but if a test that requires a lot of effort and planning on your part, it is estimated that around seven months of intensive preparation, and if you have managed to finish the medical degree you are more than prepared to face it with the Guarantees to approve it, not without effort. Continue reading “Medicine and MIR”

Common areas in a student residence

Share quality spaces in the funway student residence

When we live in a student residence, something almost as important as the private spaces are the spaces to be shared, that is, the common areas. It is important that these common areas are useful, that they are in perfect condition, modern and that they are pleasant. In the student residence Funway we put special effort in that these common areas are in perfect conditions because we know that they will be the place of meeting and recreation of our residents, who will socialize in them. Continue reading “Common areas in a student residence”

Study in The Funway residence

The Funway residence makes it easier for you to study

One of the most important things about a student residence if not the most important are its facilities. That they be modern, comfortable and in perfect conditions, will create a climate of study and well-being that will greatly benefit the student who will forget about problems and will focus on their studies in a more efficient manner. Continue reading “Study in The Funway residence”

Live in a residence of students to approve a career

How it influences to live in a residence of students to approve a career

When studying a career there are many things that influence the final result of the same, one is the preparation you have in advance to face it, another may be your desire to study a particular career, that is if it was your choice , or if you took the choice based on some notes that gave you access, or because you could be influenced by some external factor such as a family tradition, the work output that this could have or where it is studied. All these decisions can be decisive, but today we are going to talk about the student residence and the way it has to influence the results of the career you have chosen. Continue reading “Live in a residence of students to approve a career”

The best of the Funway residence

The best of the Funway residence, the comments of those who passed through it

As much as we explain and describe the virtues of our student residence, the best, with what we stayed at heart, is with the comments of those who one day passed through the residence and enjoyed its benefits, making the Funway Residence a place of worship among those who want to come to Madrid to study, either for a few days or for several years, in this time we have had everything. Here are several comments from people who touched our hearts and to whom we will always be grateful because they are already part of the history of this Student Residence. Continue reading “The best of the Funway residence”

Students Residence and Colleges

What do you prefer Student Residence y Colleges?

Once you have decided that you are going to study in another city, the next thing you have to do is find an accommodation. There are several ways to stay. The first is the classic, a flat, but it is not recommended if it is the first time you land in a university, or if you are going to be a season of half stay. The problem of the apartaments are the prices, which lately have gone up a lot and the work that can lead to living in it, cooking, cleaning, etc, which are not otherworldly things, but when you are a student it costs more to do. Besides, living in an apartment in your first year of university may cause you to be isolated a bit or you may lose the advantages of living in a building full of people like you, with your same concerns and desires.

If you have decided not to stay in a flat you have a couple of options that are quite common for their comfort and pragmatism, the student residences and the colleges, but what is the best option you can take. As always depends on what you look for. Continue reading “Students Residence and Colleges”

Stay in a student residence and pass the MIR

Pass the MIR

You are a medical student and you have already graduated, now you have the last effort, but it is not a normal effort, it is an effort that will depend on the rest of your professional career, it is the effort that will decide which medical specialty you can choose. Welcome to the MIR, the examination of access to a position of Resident Medical Intern. Something that does not exist in any other career that takes place in Spain.

To do this you must prepare well, but above all you should focus that preparation in an environment that allows you to be able to perform efficiently. Continue reading “Stay in a student residence and pass the MIR”

Live Madrid in summer

Madrid a city to live in summer

Say no more, you have to stay all summer in Madrid and you do not know what you’re going to find. Madrid in the summer months, as much as you can think otherwise has a lot of fun. It is true that it has no beach but you will love everything else. Continue reading “Live Madrid in summer”

Final exams

Tips for controlling nerves in final exams

The year is almost over, your summer is on the table, you are behind, you do not want to suspend, you can not sleep, it’s three in the morning and you dream about the subjects. Do not worry something very normal is happening to you, you are stressed. Today we’re going to give you some tips so you can control those nerves. Continue reading “Final exams”

Why live in a student residence?

Advantages of living in a student residence

The most important thing to study a career is to be calm, only then can we forget the superfluous problems and be able to take full advantage of our challenges. Do not forget that the years of university student are the best years of our lives, those that you will remember the most and, above all, can condition our future so it is better to take them a little seriously, even if it is true that these years you will remember your whole life for the parties and the crazy things you’re going to do.

Being comfortable and comfortable in the place where you live will be something very important that you must take into account, so a residence with all the services included will be a very good option if you want to have a quiet and trouble-free stay. Continue reading “Why live in a student residence?”