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If you come to live in Madrid to do any type of training, Funway is the best student residence to stay. The Funway of living, the best place to study, share and enjoy.

Where to go hanging out in Madrid if you’re a university student?

Hanging out in Madrid

In Madrid we lived around 8 million people, each with their different tastes and hobbies, that’s why they have been forming areas throughout the years where you go out and find the atmosphere that best suits your mood.

The advantage of living in a student residence is that you will be able to enjoy them all. Continue reading “Where to go hanging out in Madrid if you’re a university student?”

Study a university career in Madrid

Why choose Madrid to study a university degree?

One of the advantages of living in Madrid is its wide and diverse cultural scene. Madrid has positioned itself as one of the world benchmarks at the level of exhibitions, and among all the halls, galleries and museums that the capital has, we highlight the most important ones. Continue reading “Study a university career in Madrid”

Points to keep in mind when moving to Madrid to study

Do you move to live in Madrid?

They have already accepted you in the University, you already have all the papers in order, the family “blessing” and the encouragement of your friends. It will be the door to an unforgettable stage of your life. But a moment, do you have everything you need? Continue reading “Points to keep in mind when moving to Madrid to study”

Move around Madrid

How to move around Madrid if you live in a University residence

Madrid, although it is quite smaller than other macro capitals of the world such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Pekin, London or New York, it is still a great city for which you must travel from top to bottom. Here we give you some tips on the ways to move around Madrid.

Tips to move around Madrid

Due to the high pollution rates the city has changed a lot in terms of mobility in recent years and has little to do with Madrid 20 years ago, where there was little choice. Continue reading “Move around Madrid”

Back to the university


Every day more ex-university students decide to return to the university for different reasons, expand their curriculum, reinvent themselves or enroll in a doctorate. All are valid but we must bear in mind that we are not the same as we were years ago and that there will be things that we will have to take into account so that our new stage is fruitful and pleasant. Continue reading “Back to the university”

Activities in a student accommodation

One day excursions with the people of your Student Residence in Madrid

One of the great advantages of living in a student residence is that you have an endless number of people with whom to do activities, such as going on a day trip to the different sites that are within your reach.

One of the best things about Madrid is that it is very well located, it has an endless amount of very appetizing and affordable day trips. Continue reading “Activities in a student accommodation”

Advertising and Public Relations

Do you want to study Advertising and live in a student residence?

Are you one of those who do not go to the bathroom if they are throwing a good advertisement? Do you surprise yourself in the shower by singing the song of the coca-cola ?, Do you dream of doing someday the Nike world campaign ?, then get ready to have fun because you were born advertising. Continue reading “Advertising and Public Relations”

Funway, the best student accommodation Madrid

Do you know why Funway is the best student accommodation in Madrid?

The decision to study in Madrid is almost as important as the decision of where to stay to live in Madrid. Madrid is a great city of about 7 million people and it is crucial that you choose the right place to stay so that your stay and your studies are prosperous and unforgettable.

Why choose the Funway student accommodation instead of other student residences?

We explain you the reasons why we are the best student accommodation in Madrid: Continue reading “Funway, the best student accommodation Madrid”


Do you know the advantages of studying in a student accommodation in Madrid?

It is time to choose where to study the university career, depending on the grade you will have more possibilities to decide if you want to study in your city or if you prefer to opt for another city that gives you more possibilities.
Today from Funway we explain the advantages of living in a student residence in Madrid. Continue reading “ADVANTAGES OF LIVING IN A STUDENT ACCOMMODATION IN MADRID”


Would you like to exhibit your works in a student accommodation?

The university stage is a period of life in which many doors open, and one of that door can be the artistic projection at all levels, both creator, producer or even curator, there are no limits when it comes to exhibiting art.

In university student accommodation there is no alienation from the artistic concerns of the universities and it´s very easy for them to give up a space for any type of exhibition. Continue reading “STUDENT ACCOMMODATION EXHIBITIONS”