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Stay in a student residence and pass the MIR

Pass the MIR

You are a medical student and you have already graduated, now you have the last effort, but it is not a normal effort, it is an effort that will depend on the rest of your professional career, it is the effort that will decide which medical specialty you can choose. Welcome to the MIR, the examination of access to a position of Resident Medical Intern. Something that does not exist in any other career that takes place in Spain.

To do this you must prepare well, but above all you should focus that preparation in an environment that allows you to be able to perform efficiently.

Benefits of preparing the MIR in a student residence

Study environment

Preparing the MIR is the closest thing to preparing an opposition, it takes a lot of dedication many hours, since you do not fight against a note but you fight against the competitiveness of many students who, like you, are preparing the same exam. That is why you will need to stay in a place where there is a positive study environment that allows you to concentrate. In a student residence you will find this type of environment because there will be more students who are in your same situation, not necessarily studying


Studying the MIR has many phases or periods, is to lock oneself in a room and eat the books, but there is also the consultation phase, library, doubts with teachers, comings and goings to the faculty, academies, etc, etc … that the student must be housed in a site with accessibility, such as a student residence, that is not isolated, that has good connections of the different transports, basically that it does not waste a lot of time to reach the different sites and return, that Do not waste a lot of time traveling, because when you are preparing something as important as the MIR, time is money.


We have talked about how important a good study environment is and how important the location is when it comes to studying, but as important as these two points, if not more, is the study room where you go to sleep and study. The room must be above all comfortable, clean, pleasant and bright. In a student residence you will find all these facilities even more, as there are even with private terraces within the rooms themselves.

Relax Any student who is undergoing a continuous effort such as the preparation of a MIR exam will need to relax periodically and in a quality way. Not only will it be enough to go for a walk to air, the ideal is to use the facilities of a student residence, such as a sauna, a gym to burn energy or a pool to disconnect for a while. The Romans already said it, Men sana in corpore sano.


A fundamental part of a student is their diet, which is healthy, balanced, with fresh products, well cooked, something that you will undoubtedly find in a student residence. The student should feel at home and worry about studying not cooking, but still should also be able to cook it if needed since the schedules of someone who is studying by piece are totally unpredictable. That’s why in a student residence you can also find open kitchen spaces at any time.











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