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Advantages of studying a doctorate

Nowadays, in an increasingly competitive world, the advantages of studying a doctorate are multiple. More and more people who decide to continue their studies at the end of their studies, first a Master’s degree and then a Doctorate, may be something that seems far away but the benefits compensate for the extra effort. Continue reading “Doctorate”

Study a doctorate

Do you want to study a doctorate and don´t know what types exist?

Many students who complete a university degree decide to study a doctorate to acquire even more advanced training. The doctoral studies are the university degree of the high level.

The PhD programs consist of a period of training and a research period culminating in the doctoral thesis.

Doctoral students need one period of training and one of organized research. The set of both activities is a program known as the Doctoral Program.

For all students who want to do a doctorate in Madrid, Funway explains the types of doctorates that exist. Continue reading “Study a doctorate”