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Student residence in the center of Madrid

Live and study in a student residence

Live and study in a student residence in the center of Madrid

When it comes to receiving offers to stay in a student residence in Madrid you will see that you can choose from a whole range of possibilities, since Madrid is big enough to offer many different possibilities just attending to the location. Keep in mind that Madrid has universities or technical schools both in the center of the capital and in the outskirts. Choose which one is best for you by choosing your location is very important, here are some tips for you to decide.

Why is it better to live in the center of Madrid?

You will live the city more

Sometimes your school or university may be in the outskirts and you may have a little more time to come and go if you decide to live in a student residence near your school, but you will miss the day-to-day life of a school. city ​​as alive as Madrid.

Social life

Living in the center of Madrid, has many benefits, to start social life, living in the center gives you the opportunity to socialize with new people every day, not only from your school or your student residence, but from all the from Madrid. There are a thousand things to do, cinemas, theaters, concerts, sports, think of something leisure and Madrid offers it to you.


The experience that gives you living in the center of a city like Madrid deserves to be lived, and not just the leisure offer, but simply walk through its streets, get lost in them, make them yours, thumping them, sit on a bench in Gran Vía to see people go by It is definitely an experience that the extraradio of Madrid does not offer you in the same way.

Extra time for you

If you decide to live in the center of Madrid, having to leave the capital every day to go to your school, you will find two things: the first is that you will see for yourself that Madrid has one of the best public transport networks in the world, It is your jewel. And the second that once mounted in your transport on the way to your faculty will have a precious time for yourself, where you can think, look through the window or just read a book or notes. Believe us when you live in Madrid you will be grateful for these little peace moments.









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