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How to choose a master

Which will be the correct master face to your future work?

In Spain, 40% of university graduates usually start working at the end of the career and the remaining 60% choose to continue studying to gain employability with a specialization.

It is true that times do not accompany the labor market and the incorporation to it is expensive, so the option to expand training is a good way to achieve it.

The offer of masters is becoming more extensive, and making the decision of what may be the right face to the future job is sometimes very difficult.

That’s why from the Funway Resort student residence we want to help you decide correctly.

Let’s start considering that when choosing a master or postgraduate there are many variables to consider: university, residency, specialty, modality, which will contribute to our professional career … Continue reading “How to choose a master”

Master in Artificial Intelligence

Do you know the types of master in artificial intelligence?

The technology continues to advance every day at an indescribable speed, so much so that more and more specialized Masters are emerging. One of the sectors that most interest is generating in our days is the Master in Artificial Intelligence.

Big organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft are investing in this area of ​​knowledge. From the need to train in this discipline is born the master of Emotional Intelligence also known as Articial Intelligent.

Today at Funway we explain what this type of master consists of and what types exist in Spain.

We understand by Artificial Intelligence the intelligence carried out by machines, that is to say, a machine is able to do normal functions of the humans. Continue reading “Master in Artificial Intelligence”

Official Master

Do you know what an Official Master consists of?

Many are those who finish the degree and want to continue studing. There are some who opt to study some type of specific course, others focus on research and dare with a doctorate and others want to train in specific subjects and decide to do a Master.

The master’s studies offer training oriented to a professional specialization and usually have a minimum of 60 credits equivalent to one or two academic years, depending on the hours per week in which they are divided.

Most official masters give you different options when making them. You can choose to do it face-to-face or online. Either will be a good alternative. Continue reading “Official Master”

Admission tests of a master

Don´t you know what the tests of request of a master consist?

If you are going to do a master one of the things that you have to take into account are access tests. Depending on the type of master or the university or business school you choose the tests will be totally different.

Today from Funway we explained some of the different requirements that you must meet to access a master.

Admissions tests for master programs

Specific test of the subject of the program

Usually, there are questionnaires or tests to know what level of knowledge the student has about the subject of the program he or she is going to carry out. Admissions members will be the ones who decide if you are apt or not able to complete the master.

Test of achievement or professional skills

Most perform tests to assess the candidate’s skills or competencies required for the master and the attainments of attitude and ability of the candidate.

Proof of English proficiency

In some master part of the subject or all is taught in English, that is why some business schools the student will have to perform a level test. The objective of this test will be to evaluate the level of English of the candidate.

Personal Interviews with Admissions Members

Usually the candidate will conduct a personal interview with the program director. Knowing the candidate will be essential to know if you have decided on the appropriate master. In this way, the director will be able to contrast the data presented in the admission application, academic and professional trajectory.

Motivation letter

Most of the time vacancies of any type of master are limited. One of the ways that the board of admission to choose the right candidate is by making a personal letter. The candidate will have to make a writing explaining the reasons why they chose that program and that business school.

Letter of recommendation

It is another of the things that usually ask when accepting you in a certain program. Try to gather the best academic or professional references you can. Always choose the most recent ones.

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Master Final Proyect

Are you doing a master and you need help with your final project?

As you already know to realize a master is not an easy task. Some decide to study it at the end of the career before joining the labor market and others do even work.

As you know, every master ends with a final project, usually it is usually a summary to demonstrate if you have reached the knowledge during the program.

From Funway we explain the keys needed to prepare your final master project.

Continue reading “Master Final Proyect”

Bilingual Master

To study a master in English

If you want to do a master and you need to improve languages, perhaps the option to study a master in English is the best option. Every day young people are more prepared. In any job you are asked for languages ​​and it´s fundamental to learn English. It is the universal language in the economic market.

For all this, studying in English will give you much more fluency and knowledge of technical words that will surely help you improve your level. Today from Funway we give you some advantages of studying a master in English.

Continue reading “Bilingual Master”

Digital Transformation

Do you want to do a master focused on digital transformation?

Nowadays companies tend to reinvent themselves by leaps and bounds. The impact of technologies on a company or organization has made them feel the need to renew. In recent years new technologies have been incorporated that have facilitated the tasks of companies.

With the advent of digital transformation many companies are using digital technology in their day-to-day achievement.

That is why more and more are choosing to do a master focused on new technologies or digital transformation.

Today from Funway we tell you some of the most important masters within the digital transformation Continue reading “Digital Transformation”

What do you prefer? on line or full time master?

What do you prefer? on line or full time master?

Given the financial and economical crisis the situation becomes very difficult so that we find ourselves deciding to study a master is an important point to take into account. Years ago the only possibility that existed was the one to realize a full time masters.

Today from Funway we tell you the benefits of doing a master online or full time master. Which prefer?

Advantages of doing a full master

There are many benefits of doing a full time master. One of them is the interaction that is achieved with teachers. By spending many hours with them the relationship between teacher and student is much greater.

The network of contacts (Networking is also many more to make a full time master. They increase the possibilities of business even of possible partners.

In the face-to-face master the students must attend class, it is mandatory to be able to obtain the degree. The interaction of students make them learn in a collective, communication is face to face. Continue reading “What do you prefer? on line or full time master?”

Official University Master or Non Official Master

Do you know the difference between official master and private master?

With all changes in study programs and the adaptation of Spanish university studies to the European plan, has emerged a new title known as the Official University Master.

There are different types of master. Today from Funway we explain in what consists and the differences between them.

Nowadays studying a Master is something highly valued by companies. A few years ago there were only in Spain the masters taught by business schools and universities. Currently there are two different types of programs: Official University Master and unofficial private master.

As you already know a master is a course of specialization that is made of a certain subject, always directed to students who already have a university degree. Continue reading “Official University Master or Non Official Master”