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Student accommodation

Funway Academic Resort is not a typical student residence. We define ourselves as a sustainable student accommodation: we are aware that your study environment affects your productivity. In order to create a relaxing study environment we have focused all our efforts in finding a balance between urban areas and natural systems. Funway boasts house amenities such as fitness center, game rooms, classrooms, and a library for studying without distractions. In Funway you will find high-end, spacious accommodations with all the comforts of home that will make your study experience enjoyable.

The preparation and sharing of meals is a very important and festive part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Eating and appreciating good food makes life more enjoyable. One of Funway’s main features is its restaurant where you will be able to enjoy fresh dishes made daily, in-house, from whole, natural ingredients. If you have a passion for cooking and wish you could prepare your own meals, our fully equipped kitchen is exactly what you are looking for.

Oppositions in a student residence Funway

How to approve an opposition in the most comfortable way?

It is clear that studying an opposition is not an easy task. Currently many are those who even having a university career decide to prepare a competitive examination.

And is that despite all the effort required once approved have a fixed job for life with unbeatable benefits.

At Funway, a university residence, we want to advise you how to approve an opposition in the most comfortable way. Continue reading “Oppositions in a student residence Funway”

Medicine and MIR

MIR(Hospital resident)

If you have finished your medical career you still have one more step, probably the most important if you want to work in public health, the MIR.

You can practice without this degree but it will have to be in the private system so it is a last obstacle that you will have to go through before putting on a white coat in a public hospital.

It is not an impossible test, but if a test that requires a lot of effort and planning on your part, it is estimated that around seven months of intensive preparation, and if you have managed to finish the medical degree you are more than prepared to face it with the Guarantees to approve it, not without effort. Continue reading “Medicine and MIR”

Funway in summer

Stay at the Funway student residence this summer

Do you have to study this summer? We are not going to ask you if it is because you have not studied enough during the course and now you have to study everything you have not studied during the year, either because you are preparing an opposition, or simply because you are coming to do a special course to Madrid this summer. Whatever your reason is, encourages that face that although the Madrid in summer is very hot also has a lot of secrets that will make your stay is most fruitful and you can achieve all your study objectives, without having to live a hell. Continue reading “Funway in summer”

Live Madrid in summer

Madrid a city to live in summer

Say no more, you have to stay all summer in Madrid and you do not know what you’re going to find. Madrid in the summer months, as much as you can think otherwise has a lot of fun. It is true that it has no beach but you will love everything else. Continue reading “Live Madrid in summer”

Why live in a student residence?

Advantages of living in a student residence

The most important thing to study a career is to be calm, only then can we forget the superfluous problems and be able to take full advantage of our challenges. Do not forget that the years of university student are the best years of our lives, those that you will remember the most and, above all, can condition our future so it is better to take them a little seriously, even if it is true that these years you will remember your whole life for the parties and the crazy things you’re going to do.

Being comfortable and comfortable in the place where you live will be something very important that you must take into account, so a residence with all the services included will be a very good option if you want to have a quiet and trouble-free stay. Continue reading “Why live in a student residence?”

Sharing a room, student accommodation

Sharing a room or not sharing it?

When entering a student residence that gives you the opportunity to have a room for you only or otherwise gives you the opportunity to share it, some have it very clear, and others however not so much. Let’s see what are the benefits of sharing a room. Continue reading “Sharing a room, student accommodation”

Decorate your student room

Easy, effective and efficient ways to decorate your student room

When it comes to decorating your room in a student residence, you must remember that converting a space into yours is simply to dump your feelings into it and decorate it in a way that makes it unique, different, making it your comfort zone. Remember that it is a space where you will spend hours of study and leisure, you will have to be energetically balanced, it will be your refuge and the place to which you will consider “home”.

Turn your creativity without complexes, risk, because you can always modify it if there is something you do not like or it has not turned out as you wanted. Continue reading “Decorate your student room”

university with more than 55 years

Enroll in the university with more than 55 years

Begin to study a university career at a later age with something like that more common in our faculties, not only in specific centers called “university for adults” but in universities of all kinds. The profile of these students has many similarities: retired and pre-retired with concerns and desire to face new challenges. Continue reading “university with more than 55 years”

Second University Career

Study a second University Career

If you have finished your career, if you have gone to work, if in less than two months you feel as if the world has fallen on you, you feel old, counting the days for your retirement and you are less than thirty, you begin to feel that everything is over, you dress in gray, with gray ties and look around you thinking “what have I done ?”, Do not worry, you have all the symptoms of wanting to study another totally different university career. Continue reading “Second University Career”


Oppositions, a job for life

Many are the people who, due to the difficulty of finding a secure job, and especially because of the volatility of these, choose to prepare a competitive exam to qualify for an official position and thus have the peace of mind to be able to work. No fear of you or arbitrary reductions of templates. Continue reading “Oppositions”