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Student accommodation

Funway Academic Resort is not a typical student residence. We define ourselves as a sustainable student accommodation: we are aware that your study environment affects your productivity. In order to create a relaxing study environment we have focused all our efforts in finding a balance between urban areas and natural systems. Funway boasts house amenities such as fitness center, game rooms, classrooms, and a library for studying without distractions. In Funway you will find high-end, spacious accommodations with all the comforts of home that will make your study experience enjoyable.

The preparation and sharing of meals is a very important and festive part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Eating and appreciating good food makes life more enjoyable. One of Funway’s main features is its restaurant where you will be able to enjoy fresh dishes made daily, in-house, from whole, natural ingredients. If you have a passion for cooking and wish you could prepare your own meals, our fully equipped kitchen is exactly what you are looking for.

Distance relations in a university residence

Ways to maintain a distance relationship when you are going to live in a student residence

You are going to the university to Madrid, you already have your student residence reviewed, you have everything ready but there is something pending, your partner stays in your city and you go to the other side of the country. Continue reading “Distance relations in a university residence”

Where to go hanging out in Madrid if you’re a university student?

Hanging out in Madrid

In Madrid we lived around 8 million people, each with their different tastes and hobbies, that’s why they have been forming areas throughout the years where you go out and find the atmosphere that best suits your mood.

The advantage of living in a student residence is that you will be able to enjoy them all. Continue reading “Where to go hanging out in Madrid if you’re a university student?”


Did you know that the best friendships are made in student residences?

Did you know that the best friendships are made in student residences?
Many doubts arise you  when you get ready to start college. Where will I live? In a student accommodation? Would I like university life? Will it be difficult to adapt to live independently?

You will be assaulted by a thousand questions to which you will have no answer. But don´t worry, I’m sure that everything will be wonderful in the end.

First days in a university residence

It seems a cliché but it is real like life itself, if you have finally decided to live in a student accommodation, the adaptability to the new environment will be much simpler than you thought.

At the beginning, everyone will arrive just like you. You will not know anyone, everything will be kindness on your part, everything will be please, thank you, pass your first and the first “what’s your name”, to continue with the first “where are you from”, with an almost certain “and what do you study ”

And when you least expect it you will meet people you will get along with, and you will start to relate with new people, all at once and very fast, it is one of the advantages of installing yourself in a student residence, first you install yourself, and then people will settle in your heart. And is that in the student residence you will create friendships that without a doubt will be for life.

Being away from home, at first you may find it difficult but do not be afraid that in no time you will make friendships that will end up becoming your little family.

In a student accommodation you will feel at home

The reality is that you are opening a new stage in your very important life. A stage full of challenges and experiences that will determine your future and what better way to carry it out than with those friendships that little by little you will get to know. If something is clear to me, it is that you will not only learn subjects in the university, but also many other things that will make you grow as a person are inculcated.

And then the day will come, in many years, that you will see a picture with all those who were in the student residence that you will keep as gold in cloth. Probably you will fall some lagrimilla and you will think “how well I did and how good it made me live in a student residence.

Come in and join us. You are at home.


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Recirculating MIRs

Recirculating MIRs

Did you know that only 24% of recirculating MIRs exceed 5 years of experience?

Funway Resort has had access to the results of the study conducted by CTO Group and this reveals that 66 percent of the candidates prepare while working.

Only 24% of ‘recirculating’ MIRs exceed five years of experience. A survey by the CTO Group reveals that 75.71 percent of the students who prepare the entrance examination for specialized health training as ‘recirculants’ have completed their previous specialization less than five years ago.

Hence, only 24.29 percent have completed their residency in a longer period of time.

Continue reading “Recirculating MIRs”

Master degree

How to choose a good master degree?

If you want to study a Master Degree, take a closer look at the types of programs that exist and choose the one that most closely resembles your future professional profile.

In this highly competitive market, it is essential to be prepared and acquire the best knowledge and skills possible, so from Funway we think that studying a Master degree will help you to stand out from the competition.

Now choosing the best masters will help you to be more educated and to access in a simpler way any professional offer. Today from Funway we give you some tips to choose a good master. Continue reading “Master degree”

Student Accommodation or College?

Don´t know yet the difference between Student Accommodation or College?

The time comes when you are going to live in another city and you have to say where to live. Student Accommodation or College? Today from Funway we explained you the differences. Take note especially if in the coming months you have to decide

Student Accommodation are like a sort of hotel for students. Normally and depending on the quality of the same in addition to a place to sleep the residence can offer other services such as food, laundry service, parking …

The Colleges are usually dependencies of the own universities that besides accommodation, offer academic, religious or cultural activities. Continue reading “Student Accommodation or College?”

Success a type test exam

Do you want to successfully pass a type test exam?

More and more teachers choose to take test-type exams. It is very normal to find them in subjects of oppositions or master. From Funway we give you some tricks to success a type test exam.

One thing is clear, apart from the tricks it is necessary to study and know the subject. You can get lucky once but the probability of getting a second success without studying is one in a million.

First of all we recommend that you answer all the questions that you know and don´t waste time in which you have doubts. Leave those to the end .

Tips to success a type test exam:

Continue reading “Success a type test exam”

Do you know how to overcome the stress of the exams?

Don´t you know yet how to overcome the stress in time of exams?

Students of degree and postgraduate, masters, opponents, doctorates, exchange professors, comes the time of exams and we all become more anxious, the desire to overcome all the tests with good results makes us nervous.

Today from Funway we give you some tips that can help you to relieve such a stress that we don´t like.

 Some tips to combat stress before the exams

 Get Organized and Plan yous studios

Believe it or not, this so seemingly simple is the key to everything. If we bring everything up to date and you are an organized person, we assure you that you will reduce anxiety before the exams. Make a planning with the subjects that you have to study until the day of the exam and do not leave anything without learning for the last days. The days before take the opportunity to review. Surely it will give you confidence and you will not be so nervous. Continue reading “Do you know how to overcome the stress of the exams?”