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Oppositions, a job for life

Many are the people who, due to the difficulty of finding a secure job, and especially because of the volatility of these, choose to prepare a competitive exam to qualify for an official position and thus have the peace of mind to be able to work. No fear of you or arbitrary reductions of templates.

Benefits of being an official


It is the advantage that is most sought, to be a public square and work for the state you are subject to a security that no other job can offer. There are practically no dismissals, unlike private companies, and the possibility of a disciplinary file is very remote.

Work hours

Although it can sometimes seem very strict, the truth is that it has a very favorable point, which is none other than fulfilling it on the tame table for the good and the bad. Unlike the private company that often requires you, to make an extra effort. The official begins and ends at the stipulated time.


In a state company your functions are defined from the first day, they are simple and are written by agreement. Your bosses are civil servants and respect the agreement with what there is no stress of the private company, or extra limitation of the functions. It works in a more relaxed way.

More free days

Unlike the private company, and especially the self-employed, at the time of enjoying days of “own affairs” the official is privileged, has several days off a year in which he does not have to render accounts, nor justify the faults A true luxury


Within the civil service there is almost no rivalry, especially if we compare it with private enterprise, unlike it was promoted within the public system is much more limited with what competitiveness is reduced, creating a climate of relaxation and harmony between colleagues .


It’s a luxury to be able to leave your job to go around the world, or raise a child, and return to the same job you had before, something almost unthinkable in private companies. The official has it as a right, this allows you to fulfill dreams with the security of having a job waiting for you when you return.

All these advantages are worthwhile but first we must approve an opposition to which thousands of people present themselves. So if you have thought about being an official, assume that at the beginning you will have to study as you have never done before, because an opposition is not to pass an exam but to get the best grade.



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