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All our services are designed to make you feel at home. We have designed a highly versatile space to accommodate all types of students: accommodations for college students, who can find spaces here to grow academically and personally; master’s or graduate students whose stays are shorter and have more specific needs; teachers who need more flexibility… families, couples and friends of our guests are also welcome!

Funway is taking steps to ensure that our guests and students are safe and protected at all times. All student halls and corridors have surveillance cameras connected to the National Police. In addition, the Concierge and Reception service is available 24 hours for anything you may need, or to welcome our international students at any time. In addition, all rooms have their own safe.

We know that you need time to focus on your studies, our student residence has laundry facilities

Masters and Specialization

Do you know the differences between Master and Specialization?

As we know, young people today are better educated. Not only do they have a university degree, they also know languages, they have a Masters or Specialization. And is that, the better formed you are more likely to succeed in the future.

It´s not to differentiate the different academic degrees after a bachelor’s degree. All these types of degrees or programs vary according to duration, number of credits and degree of knowledge.

Today from Funway we explain the differences that exist between Masters and Specialization. Continue reading “Masters and Specialization”

Master and motivation letter

Do you know how to write a motivation letter?

Today from Funway we explain the steps to write a letter of motivation. To be accepted in a master, not only do you need to have a good academic record or know languages, you have to stand out above all others.

Most business schools have limited places so we recommend that in this letter of recommendation transmit everything that you can not reflect in a curriculum and that really makes you stand out over the rest.

Tips for writing a letter of motivation

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