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How to Become a Good Independent Consultant

How to Become a Good Independent Consultant

A Consultant is a professional who can help companies identify their problem areas and discover the new opportunities that are available to them, so a Consultant is part of the elements that contribute to the growth of the company.

To be a Consultant requires a lot of knowledge and a firm commitment.

From Funway Resort Residencia Universitaria we want to show you some aspects that should be considered before starting a consulting business.

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Benchmarking, competition

Benchmarking is defined as an exhaustive competition analysis that will help us improve the marketing strategy that we are doing and thus position ourselves and differentiate ourselves in the sector.

The first point that we want to clarify from Funway Resort, is that Benchmarking does not mean copying or plagiarizing your competition.

Plagiarizing the competition you would only lose your identity, your brand and all the efforts made so far.

Never stop being what you are because you will lose your essence.

Benchmarking means learning from competitive analysis to improve your processes.

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Why take a postgraduate course?

Why take a postgraduate course?

It is almost indispensable to have to study a postgraduate in the current market, a competitive market. If your desire is to occupy a position in the management and the dcencia, from Funway Resort university residence we advise you to study a postgraduate.

The postgraduate course allows you to expand your knowledge and skills, extend your network of contacts and position yourself better than those who do not have a degree.

In the current job market and given the high level of competitiveness if you do, you will have four times more chances of accessing a managerial position.

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Digital Transformation.What to do to digitally transform a company.

Digital Transformation. What to do to digitally transform a company.

If you want to stay up to date and know where the market is in the business world, one of the things you must do is know that you would need to have a company to enter to compete in that market.

One of the main imbalances in the world with Digital Transformation is that things no longer happen under our feet, but over our head. Habits of consumption change. There are fewer barriers but more business projects. The communication strategy of companies moves from unidirectionality to bidirectionality, which favors new business models. And users demand more innovation, to improve their quality of life.

From Funway Resort we leave a few basic tips for this goal.

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