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Postgraduate studies with future

Expand your professional profile, study a postgraduate

After the Bologna Plan, a convergent process was initiated among the member countries of the European Economic Community, which aims to speed up the exchange of graduates and thus be able to adapt university studies to the real social demand, increasing their competitiveness and quality. It is a method of studies quantified through ECTS credits.

Although the Bologna Treaty is not a binding treaty, this process led to the creation of a European Higher Education Area. This led to the incorporation of different countries to the treaty that undertook educational reforms during the first years of the 21st century. Continue reading “Postgraduate studies with future”

The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018

Do you know what are the most demanded masters of 2018?

Last year we talked about the most demanded masters of 2017 and it is that the end of the course is approaching and many are the young people who will take the step from the school to the University. Others will decide to do a master to specialize more in a particular subject. As is logical, the doubts about what to study is something that happens normally. Deciding on a university degree or a master’s degree is something that will surely determine your future. Our advice let yourself be carried away by your senses that surely in the end you will take the correct option. Continue reading “The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018”

Big Data

Why study a Big Data master

Since Obama won his first elections thanks to the Big Data and thanks to a simple study to find out which voter was most receptive to receive a call, at what time, with what accent and with what disposition to attend it, a global kick was given of something that would change the history of marketing. Continue reading “Big Data”

Study a master

Recycle by studying a Master

Nowadays the world has changed so fast that it is very easy to become obsolete without realizing it. Professions that were once linear today have completely changed and it is very easy to find yourself stuck in a work environment or even have little prospect of progress if we only have the knowledge we studied in a career that we approved years ago. Continue reading “Study a master”

Ranking of Spanish Public Universities

Ranking of Spanish Public Universities

Did you know that five public universities lead the ranking of the best in Spain?

If you want to know what they are, from Funway Resort university residence we tell you below:

They are the Pompeu Fabra University, the Polytechnic of Catalonia, the Carlos III of Madrid, Rovira i Virgili and Politècnica of Valencia.

The ranking analyzes 61 institutions (48 public and 13 private).

In the last positions are the European Miguel de Cervantes and the Distance University of Madrid, the UNED and the Oberta de Catalunya.

The University Pompeu Fabra, the Polytechnic of Catalonia, the Carlos III of Madrid, Rovira i Virgili and Politècnica de Valencia (UPV) are the Spanish universities with the most performance in teaching, research, innovation and technological development, according to the fifth edition of U- Ranking on the Spanish University System of the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research, presented this Thursday in Madrid, which analyzes a total of 61 institutions of higher education (48 public and 13 private).

Continue reading “Ranking of Spanish Public Universities”

Succeeding following an Online Master

Succeeding following an Online Master

Online masters are excellent for certification, career change or for busy professionals.

They can also be very effective for those who are looking for their first job and need to be specialized. Before launching yourself you will need to consider some factors that can assure you the success of the online studies.

Funway Resort university residence facilitates the knowledge of these factors so that when deciding what you can have more clear.

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Masters in Alternative Medicine

Master in Alternative Medicine

Have you ever wondered if there is a Masters in Alternative Medicine?

Get ready to surprise you because at Funway Resort student residence in Madrid we tell you everything !!!

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, or Bach Flowers are some of the most well-known “therapies, alternative medicines” and all of them also have their specialty and respective masters. The University of the Peoples of Europe has a Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine that is taught by distance, a postgraduate that also can be taken in AECED. The European University Miguel de Cervantes and the European Mtc Foundation have a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy.

If you like to study the art of acupuncture exclusively through an acupuncture master’s course that can be taken at the Institute of Traditional Medicine (ISMT) or the University of Barcelona, ​​to give two examples.

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Personal Coaching

Do you know what personal coaching is for and how it works?

Today it is not uncommon to hear the words coaching, personal coaching, coaching sessions … and it seems that this word is fashionable. Many are those who have personal coaches, elite athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities, parents and even students.

Personal Coaching is a method that is used to train and teach an individual to improve their skills.Most Master programs include Personal Coaching sessions to help students achieve their results faster and more effectively.

Today from Funway we explain in which you have coached Personal Coaching and the benefits it brings. Continue reading “Personal Coaching”

Master in Artificial Intelligence

Do you know the types of master in artificial intelligence?

The technology continues to advance every day at an indescribable speed, so much so that more and more specialized Masters are emerging. One of the sectors that most interest is generating in our days is the Master in Artificial Intelligence.

Big organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft are investing in this area of ​​knowledge. From the need to train in this discipline is born the master of Emotional Intelligence also known as Articial Intelligent.

Today at Funway we explain what this type of master consists of and what types exist in Spain.

We understand by Artificial Intelligence the intelligence carried out by machines, that is to say, a machine is able to do normal functions of the humans. Continue reading “Master in Artificial Intelligence”

Master most demanded in 2017

Master most demanded in 2017

Do you know which are the most demanded Masters this year?

Continuous training is very important these days. The great competition that exists today makes the young people more prepared.

Specialization in a specific field will help you to have more exit in the labor market.

Business schools and universities are adapting more and more rapidly to the needs of the market. Each year, the variety of courses and degrees increases. Today from Funway we show you the masters most demanded this year 2017.

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