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Student accommodation Madrid

Student accommodation Madrid Funway is the best place to live if you are moving into the Capital.

All our services are designed to make you feel at home. We have designed a highly versatile space to accommodate all types of students: accommodations for college students, who can find spaces here to grow academically and personally; master’s or graduate students whose stays are shorter and have more specific needs; teachers who need more flexibility… families, couples and friends of our guests are also welcome.

Funway is taking steps to ensure that our guests and students are safe and protected at all times. All student halls and corridors have surveillance cameras connected to the National Police. In addition, the Concierge and Reception service is available 24 hours for anything you may need, or to welcome our international students at any time. In addition, all rooms have their own safe.


Oppositions in a student residence Funway

How to approve an opposition in the most comfortable way?

It is clear that studying an opposition is not an easy task. Currently many are those who even having a university career decide to prepare a competitive examination.

And is that despite all the effort required once approved have a fixed job for life with unbeatable benefits.

At Funway, a university residence, we want to advise you how to approve an opposition in the most comfortable way. Continue reading “Oppositions in a student residence Funway”

Medicine and MIR

MIR(Hospital resident)

If you have finished your medical career you still have one more step, probably the most important if you want to work in public health, the MIR.

You can practice without this degree but it will have to be in the private system so it is a last obstacle that you will have to go through before putting on a white coat in a public hospital.

It is not an impossible test, but if a test that requires a lot of effort and planning on your part, it is estimated that around seven months of intensive preparation, and if you have managed to finish the medical degree you are more than prepared to face it with the Guarantees to approve it, not without effort. Continue reading “Medicine and MIR”

Funway in summer

Stay at the Funway student residence this summer

Do you have to study this summer? We are not going to ask you if it is because you have not studied enough during the course and now you have to study everything you have not studied during the year, either because you are preparing an opposition, or simply because you are coming to do a special course to Madrid this summer. Whatever your reason is, encourages that face that although the Madrid in summer is very hot also has a lot of secrets that will make your stay is most fruitful and you can achieve all your study objectives, without having to live a hell. Continue reading “Funway in summer”

Student residence in the center of Madrid

Live and study in a student residence in the center of Madrid

When it comes to receiving offers to stay in a student residence in Madrid you will see that you can choose from a whole range of possibilities, since Madrid is big enough to offer many different possibilities just attending to the location. Keep in mind that Madrid has universities or technical schools both in the center of the capital and in the outskirts. Choose which one is best for you by choosing your location is very important, here are some tips for you to decide. Continue reading “Student residence in the center of Madrid”

Artificial Intelligence: 5 technologies for 2018

Artificial Intelligence: 5 technologies for 2018

What is the next step for Artificial Intelligence?

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is more common than we think. We find it in the assistants of our mobile devices, in Internet searches, in the optimization of systems such as traffic lights in cities.

Every day, more applications of this technology reach users. Also, every day advances in the development of more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools with impressive potential.

Then, from Funway Resort University Residence in Madrid, we show you those that will revolutionize 2018 thanks to its commercial and business applications.

Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence: 5 technologies for 2018”

Student residence. Life changes you

 Student residence. Life changes you

Why does living in a Student Residence change your life?

Although it may sound like a cliché, the experience of living in a Student Residence marks a before and after in your life.

From Funway Resort University Residence of Madrid we explain it to you briefly

Continue reading “Student residence. Life changes you”

Student’s residence. How to be the Best

Student’s residence. How to be the Best

For a Student Residence to be the best, it must meet a series of requirements such as the integration of studies with personal development.

What is and how can a residence be the best Student Residence for personal development?

To be the Best Student Residence, we must take into account the environment and characteristics to offer and be able to fulfill a high performance in the studies, base of the philosophy of our residence Funway Resort Madrid University Residence, to this we must add the discipline, the order and education as values ​​to prioritize to achieve it, but they are not the only ingredients so that the academic formation is completed with a perfect personal formation.

Continue reading “Student’s residence. How to be the Best”

Notary, a profession with a future

Would you like to be a notary and do not know what this profession is?

Notaries are public officials of the state that prevent us from reaching the courts. They provide citizens with the legal security that the Constitution promises in its Article 9 in the field of extrajudicial legal traffic. Notaries also fight against money laundering and fraud.

In order to be a notary it is mandatory to have a law degree. Once the university degree has been acquired, it is compulsory to apply for specific competitions. Continue reading “Notary, a profession with a future”

The most demanded Professions in 2018

The most demanded Professions in 2018

The Professions most in demand are having an important evolution and in this 2018 it will be noticed.

From Funway Resort Student Residence in Madrid we give you some progress on how is the labor market and the evolution that will suffer.

Demand for professions

We will start this small trip for the professions most in demand, highlighting that the professions dedicated to the online world are on the rise.

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Student residence, good choice

Residence for students, good choice!

Residences for students are always going to present a series of improvements in relation to other forms of accommodation.

From Funway Resort University Residence of Madrid, we want to make it easier for you to choose your life and that you have some of the advantages of staying in a Residence for students.

Stay in a Residence for students.

Reasons Deciding how and where to pass the pre-labor life stage is a complicated choice that requires you to document.

You may find several options in the market, but without a doubt, the best will be to stay in a Residence for students

Continue reading “Student residence, good choice”