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Study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Benefits of study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Expanding your studies in a foreign country may be a very good option because it will open your mind in a very positive way. If you have chosen Spain, even though it is a fairly easy country you must take into account a series of points so that your experience is positive and you can get all the necessary performance to a unique experience. Continue reading “Study a postgraduate degree in Spain”

Study a postgraduate

¿What is a postgraduate?

After studying a few years in college you finish, you have your degree, your knowledge, and maybe even a job offer, that’s when you get the big doubt, stop or continue studying a post degree. What is the best choice?. As always everything depends on the personal circumstances of each one, here we give you the benefits of studying a post degree. Continue reading “Study a postgraduate”

Labor demand from abroad

The demand from abroad

Labor demand from abroad is growing more and more.

It is well known that the phenomenon of emigration of qualified professionals has been growing and maintained for several years

Not only because the graduates and postgraduates do not find employment in our country, but because in other countries do not really have enough workers with high educational profiles, and look for them, among other places, in Spain.

From Funway we want to help you choose postgraduate if you want to spend time abroad and prepare yourself according to the labor demand

Which countries demand professionals?

The profiles most demanded from abroad to Spain and that knowing them you can orientate in your postgraduate, are the ones that we show you next.

13.81% of job offers from abroad require industrial engineers, 6.87% industrial engineering engineers, 5.58% are looking for graduates in ADE and 3.55% are telecommunication engineers.

The main country that seeks university graduates in Spain is Germany. 16.94% of the published jobs abroad are for this country. It is followed by France (10.59% of the offers) and Great Britain (9.08%).

But other less-frequent applicants are also beginning to appear. We are already experiencing the emergence of job offers for emerging Eastern European countries, such as Poland, or further away, such as the United Arab Emirates.

Continue reading “Labor demand from abroad”

Master or postgraduate?

Master or postgraduate? Do you know the benefits?

You finish the university career and you want to continue training but you don´t know what the best option. To do a master or postgraduate program are two good options. What do you prefer, Master or postgraduate?

Today from Funway we explain the benefits of each one of them. Surely this decision helps you to face your future professional much more prepared than the rest.

Benefits Master or postgraduate program

Better professional possibility

Today the better prepared you are. Most companies take into account if in addition to the university degree you have complementary studies. Continue reading “Master or postgraduate?”