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Outdoor enjoyment in Funway

Our climate invites to make life on the outside for much of the year. In our student residence in Madrid you can swim, sunbathe or stroll beside a waterfall.

Outdoor and indoor pool

Believe it or not, our student residence in Madrid has a pool. Where? On the roof, right on the site from which you can see the skyline of Madrid. This is life! When the weather is nice, you can take a refreshing dip in the pool  and if the weather is the weather is chilly, you can use the indoor pool.


The pool is not the only place where you can boost your vitamin D in our student accommodation.  You can still get enough of Vitamin-D in a natural way by visiting our solarium.


Chill Out

The student residence is sprinkled with Chill Out spaces. We have taken care of  the outdoor  area, enabling various spaces where you can take the air while sipping a soda. What do you think of the plan?


Sitting at one of the tables at “La Terracita” you can listen as buzzing bees surrounded by the vertical gardens or hear the water falling from the waterfall.



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