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Student’s Residence Madrid

The Fun Way of Living


Funway Academic Resort is not a typical student residence. We define ourselves as a sustainable student accommodation: we are aware that your study environment affects your productivity. In order to create a relaxing study environment we have focused all our efforts in finding a balance between urban areas and natural systems. Funway boasts house amenities such as fitness center, game rooms, classrooms, and a library for studying without distractions. In Funway you will find high-end, spacious accommodations with all the comforts of home that will make your study experience enjoyable.


The preparation and sharing of meals is a very important and festive part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Eating and appreciating good food makes life more enjoyable. One of Funway’s main features is its restaurant where you will be able to enjoy fresh dishes made daily, in-house, from whole, natural ingredients. If you have a passion for cooking and wish you could prepare your own meals, our fully equipped kitchen is exactly what you are looking for.


Work is essential as it brings a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction to our lives, but finding the work-life balance is the key to success. When you need to unwind or take a break from studying, there’s a relaxation room with “nap pods,” which play soothing music to help calm student stresses. Common areas also include a fitness room, a game room with pool tables, pinball and football tables and video games. At Funway, you can enjoy the privacy of your own room or the accommodations that the residence has to offer in order to relax, study, work, and play sports with your fellow students.

One thing is for sure: This Student’s Residence is outstaning

All inclusive

Free Internet connection through WiFi and wired network, as well as lighting and heat. All the expenses included so you only have to worry about getting good grades.

Swimming Pool & Solarium

Funway is proud to offer a rooftop swimming pool and bar with amazing panoramic views of Madrid’s skyline. To heat our swimming pool, we use thermodynamic panels , thought to be the finest thermodynamic heating systems available to date.

Gym & Spa

Additional facilities include a modern fully-equipped on-site gym exclusive for Funway’s residents with spa, sauna and turkish bath.

Private restroom

All rooms have fully equipped private restrooms.




Private parking space in the building, so you can enjoy the city comfortably. Direct access from room to parking.


Your family is far away, but our washers and dryers leave all your clothes feeling soft and fresh. You can do your own laundry, or let us do it for you.

Restaurant & Cooking Lounge

One of Funway’s main features is its restaurant where you will able to enjoy our fresh menu items made daily, or prepare your own meals in our fully equipped cooking lounge.


The air conditioning of the entire residence is made using sustainable energy sources: thermodynamic panels that use the natural heat of the earth.



Funway Academic Resort is unique. A Student’s Residence with services of Five Stars Hotel, just in the centre of Madrid.


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