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Oppositions in a student residence Funway

Approve an opposition

How to approve an opposition in the most comfortable way?

It is clear that studying an opposition is not an easy task. Currently many are those who even having a university career decide to prepare a competitive examination.

And is that despite all the effort required once approved have a fixed job for life with unbeatable benefits.

At Funway, a university residence, we want to advise you how to approve an opposition in the most comfortable way.

Approve an opposition

Choose a good environment to live

If you are preparing an opposition, one of the best options is to live in a student residence. The services and facilities of a university residence are perfect so you can concentrate 100% on studying.

Forget about cooking, washing clothes and ordering your room, in Funway you will not have to waste your time on these things.

Residencia Universitaria Funway
Student accommodation Funway

Concentrate on the perfect space

Choose a good environment , Student residence
Choose a good environment

In the Funway student residence you can choose where to study to get the best results.

Spaces to study at the Funway university residence

Library Funway
Library Funway

The library is perfect to concentrate without anyone else distracting you. The space is large enough to accommodate a large number of students during the exam period.

It is endowed with natural light during the day and sufficient lighting for the study during the night hours.

The study room is indicated for individual work and joint work with rooms apart so as not to disturb those who are concentrated.

Co-working room

It is not uncommon to find on Funway a lot of students who have decided to prepare for a competition. In our student residence you can count on a Co-Working room.

These rooms are available for those students who need to have a space to meet. They are conveniently isolated so as not to disturb the silence of the library.

Co- working Funway
Co- working
Reprography room

Something that could not be missing in our university residence is a reprography room.

The reprography room is perfectly located next to the library, in such a way that it facilitates the access to the students of oppositions or any type of subject that needs to perform some work or to share any type of information on the agenda without bothering the others.

It is acoustically isolated and equipped with the latest generation printers.

Reprography room
Reprography room

Something that could not be missing in Funway is the classroom converted into a study area. Perfect for those students who want to make presentations. The perfect place for candidates to oppositions can sing the oral exam.

It has multimedia equipment and other tools to support the classes.

Carlotás auditórium

To complete the study areas of those opponents who have decided to settle in our student residence, our Auditorium could not be missing.

This room can be adapted for the celebration of academic events. The room has a grandstand that can accommodate a large audience, so it is perfect for events such as lectures, conferences, etc.

Auditorium Funway
Auditorium Funway
Individual rooms

If you do not want to leave your room because you consider it an ideal place to concentrate, in Funway student residence we have standard single and superior single rooms.

Equipped with private bathroom, Safe, King Size bed, Air conditioning cold / warm, Natural light, TV

Room Funway
Room Funway


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