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Types of rooms in Funway

Types of rooms in Funway

Rooms in Funway are different

Numerous studies reveal that it is fundamental for our daily life, and our health can depend on it, that we have a proper rest, since if we do not have it we will begin to be far from tranquility, we will suffer fatigue, bad mood, even anxieties.

That is why in the funway student residence we have designed our rooms thinking that the students who live in it do so in the most comfortable way possible, so that they are sufficiently rested and can fulfill all their objectives.

At the Funway student residence we understand that not all students are the same, nor do they have the same needs, so we have a wide variety so that all of our students feel comfortable and satisfied.

Types of rooms

With a bed that is literally hanging from the ceiling, the brand of the house, has a very careful and bright interior design. Ideal for those who want to live alone with lots of natural light.

Single standard room
Single standard room


Single superior

Thought for those who need a plus of comfort and want to receive both their partner and their family in a warmer environment. The bed is 1.50, also hangs from the ceiling, has plenty of natural light and has a large space with a comfortable sofa and TV area.

Single superior Room
Single superior Room

Single Suite

One of the most requested because it has a large terrace to clear an afternoon either looking at the sky, or taking a snack on a warm summer afternoon.

Single Adapted

At Funway we have stopped to think about the comfort of all students and when we say all we refer to those students who need a little more space because they move in a wheelchair. Here you will find all your needs covered.

Single Adapted Room
Single Adapted Room


If you are one of those who like the company we also have a room designed for you, a comfortable and spacious space designed for two students to live comfortably.

Double Room
Double Room

Designed for those students who want to live in company, and also want a terrace to chat quietly, take a snack or just read a book.


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