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Live Madrid in summer

Madrid a city to live in summer

Say no more, you have to stay all summer in Madrid and you do not know what you’re going to find. Madrid in the summer months, as much as you can think otherwise has a lot of fun. It is true that it has no beach but you will love everything else. Continue reading “Live Madrid in summer”

Final exams

Tips for controlling nerves in final exams

The year is almost over, your summer is on the table, you are behind, you do not want to suspend, you can not sleep, it’s three in the morning and you dream about the subjects. Do not worry something very normal is happening to you, you are stressed. Today we’re going to give you some tips so you can control those nerves. Continue reading “Final exams”

Why live in a student residence?

Advantages of living in a student residence

The most important thing to study a career is to be calm, only then can we forget the superfluous problems and be able to take full advantage of our challenges. Do not forget that the years of university student are the best years of our lives, those that you will remember the most and, above all, can condition our future so it is better to take them a little seriously, even if it is true that these years you will remember your whole life for the parties and the crazy things you’re going to do.

Being comfortable and comfortable in the place where you live will be something very important that you must take into account, so a residence with all the services included will be a very good option if you want to have a quiet and trouble-free stay. Continue reading “Why live in a student residence?”

Tips for preparing an opposition

Do you know how preparing an opposition?

Before preparing an opposition you have to metallize that is a test in which not only is it worth to pass, but it is essential to get the best possible score, since you compete with the other opponents and take them out will depend directly on your level.

So it does not matter what type of opposition you prepare (State, Autonomous Communities and local), you must be as competitive as possible. Continue reading “Tips for preparing an opposition”

Sharing a room, student accommodation

Sharing a room or not sharing it?

When entering a student residence that gives you the opportunity to have a room for you only or otherwise gives you the opportunity to share it, some have it very clear, and others however not so much. Let’s see what are the benefits of sharing a room. Continue reading “Sharing a room, student accommodation”

Study and work at the same time

Are you one of those who study and work at the same time?

Not all students have the economic capacity to be able to dedicate themselves only to study and to survive, many, more and more need some extra income. Studying and working at the same time is a sign of maturity, but it is also something that is not easy, here are some tips to be able to take it successfully. Continue reading “Study and work at the same time”

Study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Benefits of study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Expanding your studies in a foreign country may be a very good option because it will open your mind in a very positive way. If you have chosen Spain, even though it is a fairly easy country you must take into account a series of points so that your experience is positive and you can get all the necessary performance to a unique experience. Continue reading “Study a postgraduate degree in Spain”

Postgraduate studies with future

Expand your professional profile, study a postgraduate

After the Bologna Plan, a convergent process was initiated among the member countries of the European Economic Community, which aims to speed up the exchange of graduates and thus be able to adapt university studies to the real social demand, increasing their competitiveness and quality. It is a method of studies quantified through ECTS credits.

Although the Bologna Treaty is not a binding treaty, this process led to the creation of a European Higher Education Area. This led to the incorporation of different countries to the treaty that undertook educational reforms during the first years of the 21st century. Continue reading “Postgraduate studies with future”

The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018

Do you know what are the most demanded masters of 2018?

Last year we talked about the most demanded masters of 2017 and it is that the end of the course is approaching and many are the young people who will take the step from the school to the University. Others will decide to do a master to specialize more in a particular subject. As is logical, the doubts about what to study is something that happens normally. Deciding on a university degree or a master’s degree is something that will surely determine your future. Our advice let yourself be carried away by your senses that surely in the end you will take the correct option. Continue reading “The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018”


What is procrastinating?

At the time of preparing some subjects of studies, the normal thing and the most reasonable thing is to know what we have to do, to do it in a gradual way so that little by little we can accelerate and finish with a last big push and be able to overcome the goals of a Staggered and efficient way. Three simple steps, the first requires very little effort, in the second we are ready and the effort is a little greater, to finish in a third stage where we give everything, who can say that this is not a good idea? is logical, and is a plan that we all do, but what often happens is that the first part of the plan, to be simple leave a little aside for the second stage, the second does not meet, for any reason and You see yourself at the end of the course with a mountain of papers that scares you. That is procrastinate

It is not something that should scare you, because it is something very common to a greater or lesser extent but what it is does not let you get the best out of you.

Tips to stop procrastinate

Make your bed every day

Make your own bed every day, get to face the day with a first victory against procasting. It seems like a mother’s advice but it really works, mentally it is changing something inside of you.

Make lists

On a sheet write your tasks of the week, and see them one by one as you do, it is a rush to arrive on Friday and see that you have crossed out, it will make you feel good and you will enjoy the weekend with everything fulfilled. There is no color in having fun with everything done knowing that you have to do things.

Eat healthy

Not only eat healthy, cook, go shopping, our food says a lot about us, if you eat healthy you will feel better, that will make you have more energy and fulfill your goals in a much more comfortable way.






Sport sports is, as usual, the best therapy for our problems of procrastination, the perseverance of the athlete makes our problems of procrastination disappear and make us a methodological person.


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