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Stress and university

Stress and university

Advice for students 

The final challenge of the course arrives and many students face this final stage, full of final exams, recovery exams and presentation of innumerable works in many ways. Stress and university it’s normal, students are aware of the importance of the situation, they don’t want to ruin summer vacation for a start and that makes their stress levels rise to unsuspected limits. Today we are going to give you a few tips to avoid falling into that mental state called panic that helps us so little.

What to do to avoid falling into the networks of stress?

Stress and university


Having everything planned is something very important, a detailed planning of the challenges that you will have to face will make you have enough time to prepare them and thus get over it.Stress and university If you have not done it yet, do not worry you are on time. Remember that the basis of the solution of any goal is good planning.


Once you have a planning made of the problems that you are going to face, what you need is a discipline to be able to face them. This does not mean that you lock yourself up and do not leave your room, but that in the planning that you have set, you will fulfill the stages that you have proposed to achieve your goals. Good planning is useless if in the end you do not have the necessary discipline to carry it out.


There are many types of study techniques, review of subjects from other years, memorization, visualization, review, each one has its favorite to achieve their goals. You must decide which is the one that best suits you or the subject you are preparing, consult your colleagues which one they use and compare it with yours, know how other people face your same problem can give you more than one solution, especially if you’ve been a bit stuck.


Problems are often faced better if we are accompanied, that creates synergies and good habits. If you know someone who has to introduce themselves to the same subjects as you, you can do it together and help each other, what you lack may be that the other is worth it, but above all, loneliness can be a source of stress, feeling clothed will give us more calm and strength to pass all exams.

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