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Decorate your student room

Easy, effective and efficient ways to decorate your student room

When it comes to decorating your room in a student residence, you must remember that converting a space into yours is simply to dump your feelings into it and decorate it in a way that makes it unique, different, making it your comfort zone. Remember that it is a space where you will spend hours of study and leisure, you will have to be energetically balanced, it will be your refuge and the place to which you will consider “home”.

Turn your creativity without complexes, risk, because you can always modify it if there is something you do not like or it has not turned out as you wanted.

Tips for decorating your room cheaply

Strips of lights

They are cheap, easy to find, they sell them anywhere, and do not present any effort when placing them. They will give you a very relaxing ambient light, they are ideal for working with the computer at night and do not stay the rest of the room in total darkness, as they allow you to see a little of what is around you. Generally they are quite good and are very efficient for moments of relaxation.

Posters and collages

A classic for you to let your imagination fly, remember mythical films, festivals you went to or you would have loved to go or simply from places that inspire you. You can think outside the box and accompany them with collages, paint them over, cut them out, re-paste them, the possibilities are endless and the results wonderful. The collages with posters are dynamic because you never finish finishing them, you can always make one more modification.

Rug World

The carpets have changed a lot in recent years, before there were only typical old houses, Persian, wool or leather, now you have all the fun shapes and colors you want, with the shape of fried eggs, chameleons, musicals, the possibilities are endless and above all they are cheap.

Sheets and comforters

A bedding can change the look of a room in a matter of seconds, for years there are many companies that are dedicated to color in the rooms through sheets and comforters, you have all prices and which is cooler. That if you look for materials that are nice to your skin, remember that then you will have to sleep in them.


What better than having a living companion that produces oxygen inside the room and gives you smells. The plants are wonderful as a company, being alive you see them grow, share their stages and you will feel very good taking care of them. The best thing is that you go to a specialized store and let yourself be advised by the different types of plants that suit you according to your space, temperature and, above all, the light you have. Remember that there are plants of all kinds and all are wonderful.


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