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Four talks by Ted Talks that you can not miss if you are a student

Ted talks are inspiring on line talks from wonderful people who teach you, through their experiences and experiences, their way of seeing life. These talks have become world famous for the kind tone they have and the ability of conviction of their speakers.

The talks usually last a few minutes and are really inspiring. There are many that you can see, and almost all, if not all, are recommended. Today we propose five that you should not miss if you are a student.

Four talks by Ted Talks that you can not miss if you are a student

Matt Cutts and his talk about trying something new for 30 days. Matt Curts, one of Google’s thinking minds, tells us about his experience of doing a new thing for 30 days and turning it into a healthy habit. The talk is enriching and very efficient, it is short, 3.27 minutes.

Procasting of Tim Urban. In a very entertaining and enlightening way, Tim Urban tells us why this very student attitude of leaving everything to the end, does it in a way that makes you laugh and gives you solutions to overcome this endemic evil that we all have in greater or smaller measure, proscatination.

Ariana Huffington and her recipe for success, sleep well. Arianna, writer and columnist of Greek origin but settled in the United States has among other achievements to have co-founded the post Huffington. In this talk he opens his eyes in a simple way and reminds us that the key to any success begins with something as basic as a good night’s sleep. Highly recommended for any student.

The importance of failures. J.K. Rowling, author of the famous series of books “harry potter”, tells us in an entertaining way how important it is to fail to reach success, how definitive it is, what is learned by falling, and how essential it is in the life of a student to fail, because the one who fails, has tried, and trying things is what leads us to success.


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