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Master in Artificial Intelligence

Do you know the types of master in artificial intelligence?

The technology continues to advance every day at an indescribable speed, so much so that more and more specialized Masters are emerging. One of the sectors that most interest is generating in our days is the Master in Artificial Intelligence.

Big organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft are investing in this area of ​​knowledge. From the need to train in this discipline is born the master of Emotional Intelligence also known as Articial Intelligent.

Today at Funway we explain what this type of master consists of and what types exist in Spain.

We understand by Artificial Intelligence the intelligence carried out by machines, that is to say, a machine is able to do normal functions of the humans. Continue reading “Master in Artificial Intelligence”

Reasons to study a Master

Do you want to know some reasons why it is a good idea to study a master?

If you want to specialize in a specific area and expand your knowledge, studying a master will be the best option. Today from Funway we give you some reasons why it is a success to study a Master.

There are to many reasons to study a Master. You will expand knowledge and you will have more access to the labor market.

Nowadays people are very prepared, few are those that conform to a university career. Most young people continue to expand their studies with masters, postgraduates, languages ​​… Without doubt, studying a master’s degree is a good option for further training and recycling.

Reasons to study a Master: Continue reading “Reasons to study a Master”