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Master in Artificial Intelligence

Do you know the types of master in artificial intelligence?

The technology continues to advance every day at an indescribable speed, so much so that more and more specialized Masters are emerging. One of the sectors that most interest is generating in our days is the Master in Artificial Intelligence.

Big organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft are investing in this area of ​​knowledge. From the need to train in this discipline is born the master of Emotional Intelligence also known as Articial Intelligent.

Today at Funway we explain what this type of master consists of and what types exist in Spain.

We understand by Artificial Intelligence the intelligence carried out by machines, that is to say, a machine is able to do normal functions of the humans.

Different types of Master in Artificial

Master in Artificial Intelligence University of Barcelona

Provides advanced knowledge on artificial intelligence by preparing the student to solve complex problems, reasoning and robotic vision and Soft Computing.

Master in Artificial Intelligence, Recognition of forms and digital image, University of Valencia

This master prepares the student to become a specialist in subjects such as digital image processing, intelligent agents, virtual reality and speech recognition among others

Master in Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Fundamentals, methods and applications, Spanish University of Distance Education

The student will expand knowledge of Reasoning Automation, Bioinspiring Neural Methods and Perceptual Robotics.

Master in Artificial Intelligence from research field,University Politécnica of Madrid

You can do both the Master and Doctorate. Both form students in Grid Semantics, Evolutionary Computing, Knowledge Engineering, Linguistic Engineering …

Master in Logic, Computing and Artificial Intelligence, University of Seville

Complements the acquired knowledge of Engineering and manages to specialize the student in Research Groups of the Area (R & D & I)

These Masters are addressed to all those students who hold a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, Physics or Telecommunications Engineering

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