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Simple tips to memorize

Do you need simple tips to memorize and do not forget?

The day to day of a student is not easy, especially when they approach the exams and have to memorize. It is true that each person uses different methods to study whole subjects of each subject. There are simple tips to memorize  help students a lot.

Students of degree and postgraduate, masters, opponents, doctorates, exchange professors, today from Funway we give you some tricks to memorize all that knowledge that you need to successfully pass the exams.

If the method you use until now is not useful or gives you the feeling that it is not as effective as you would like, take paper and pencil and aim.

Simple memory tips

Make it interesting

Think of something that you find interesting and try to relate it to the content you have to memorize, it is easier to remember things that we ourselves have given a meaning that other people would not even understand. If you are a student Art History and you have to learn thousands of names of kings, give him imagination and think, for example, of the names of people you already know in order to remember them, surely you will not forget any of them.

Write what you study

This old technique is still very helpful. Many students write over and over again those words that are harder for them to memorize, others write whole sentences of content. It is clear that writing what is studied makes it retain more time in memory.

Repeat aloud

Talking aloud what we have studied will undoubtedly help you retain the agenda. You will realize the mistakes you make and it will help you to know what you mean exactly. There is no fault.

Make diagrams and summaries

Many students find it easier to study something they have previously summarized. The brain identifies that what is important is what you have summarized and assimilated into the long-term memory

Understand what you study

Studying by heart without understanding it will not help you to keep it in your mind. The brain will only hold it in the short term and then forget it, so we advise you to always understand everything you study.

Surely if you apply all these tricks you learn to memorize much faster and you get better results.

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