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Know what you need to live in a University Residence

University Residence

The University Residence can be a good option if you must live outside your home to study.

From Funway Resort University Residence of Madrid, we give you the keys you need to make one of the most important decisions of your student life.

If your decision is a University Residence to spend your next months as a student, you should know some things that will facilitate your day to day, in the end, the most important in your development as a person.

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8 Tips for universities to prepare students for job search

8 Tips for universities to prepare students for job search

It is true that many universities do not have vocational training spaces for students. Most young people are unaware of the best way to tackle the job search process once they graduate.

What is real is how important it is to acquire a job training before finishing the University, this will facilitate the job search.

If you are about to get your university degree and you see that the time is coming to face the job search, the one that you have heard so many times but it is true that you know very little about how to face it.

At Funway Resort we are going to propose 8 ways in which institutions can collaborate to facilitate job search for their students. It is a process that requires patience and universities should prepare students to face that stage.

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Distance University Degree

Are you thinking about studying a distance university degree?

There are people that want to study a university career but don´t have the time to attend in-person universities but they really need to study a degree.

Nowadays that’s not a problem, since if you really want to graduate and train to get a better professional future from Funway we recommend the modalities at a distance.

Advantages of studying a distance degree

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Double Degree

Do you want to study a double degree?

Nowadays the insertion in the labor world is becoming more difficult and for that reason we recommend that before choosing what you want to study, analyze well all your options. Today from Funway we talk about the benefits of studying a double degree.

A double degree consists in obtaining two university degrees in less time, that is, validating thus the common subjects. They are usually university degrees that share subjects with the same subject matter. In 5 years you would get a double degree.

The most requested double degree:

  • Law and ADE (Business Administration and Management)
  • Social Work and Social Education
  • Physical Education and Nutrition Education
  • Physics and Electronic Engineering
  • Advertising and Journalism
  • Journalism and Communication

Preparing for the job market

Nowadays students are getting more and more prepared. Having a college degree seems like it is not enough anymore. On this way you will be more prepared and you will be able to face more job offers.

You will be more versatile

Double degrees require more effort and dedication, but it will be very useful for your professional future.

You will get double Networking

We always say that whoever has a good networking has a treasure. If in a university career you knew many contacts imagine what you will get if you study a double degree.

You will get two races in the time of one

In 5 years you will get two university degrees so you will save twice as much time.

There are many different options

A few years ago there was not much variety to choose from. Some programs join two bachelor’s degrees others a bachelor’s degree with a diploma … This makes many more options

CHEER UP for a double degree,  it’ll surely be a very good choice

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