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Medicine and MIR

MIR(Hospital resident)

MIR(Hospital resident)

If you have finished your medical career you still have one more step, probably the most important if you want to work in public health, the MIR.

You can practice without this degree but it will have to be in the private system so it is a last obstacle that you will have to go through before putting on a white coat in a public hospital.

It is not an impossible test, but if a test that requires a lot of effort and planning on your part, it is estimated that around seven months of intensive preparation, and if you have managed to finish the medical degree you are more than prepared to face it with the Guarantees to approve it, not without effort.

You must bear in mind that the preparation of an exam like the MIR is totally incompatible with another job or another type of preparation.

It will require a special concentration and a very high responsibility, since the number that you take in the exam will condition the specialty that you will be able to study and your possibilities of being able to exercise the specialty that most attracts you will be narrowed.

One of the secrets, if any, is not to spend less than 7 or 8 hours a day of study. Ideally, do not isolate yourself but you will have relationships with your classmates and prepare it together, so the task will be less arduous and you will be able to review and do tests without falling into the most absolute depression, since it is shown that studying and making group efforts It brings better results than if the same task is carried out individually.

It is important not to faint or discourage, sometimes it is better to take a break of two or three days and clarify the mind that is why it is very important to reside in a special area of study such as a student residence.

In the Funway student residence we have facilities prepared and designed so that students who are preparing the MIR can do so with the best possible guarantees.

Study MIR in Funway student residence











In the student residence Funway we have a state-of-the-art study rooms, all equipped with Wi-Fi and always in perfect condition so that students with a high study load can study in a comfortable and silent way, where they can concentrate and get the maximum benefit to your study hours, both in your library and in the coworking rooms, or conference spaces.

There the students can also study in a group without disturbing anyone and without being disturbed.


In Funway we understand that a good student should also have good spaces to share moments such as our dining rooms, where they serve quality food made with fresh products by kitchen professionals, or kitchens where students can relax cooking their own meals.

Cooking Longe
Cooking Longe


As much as the study and sharing is the hour of relaxation, spaces designed for 100% enjoyment and mental relaxation, such as the complete gym that we offer to our students, the indoor pool on the terrace overlooking the sky of Madrid, the Game room or sauna.

All places designed so that the effort has the best recreation.



It is probably one of the most important things that a student requires, without rest there is no performance at a high level.

In Funway we have designed several types of rooms that are pleasant, silent, bright, comfortable and clean so that residents can rest and be able to make the most of their efforts.

Pool Funway
Pool Funway












So you already know if you are preparing an MIR, probably the FUNWAY student residence will give you a plus that will make you improve your grade.


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