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The best of the Funway residence

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The best of the Funway residence, the comments of those who passed through it

As much as we explain and describe the virtues of our student residence, the best, with what we stayed at heart, is with the comments of those who one day passed through the residence and enjoyed its benefits, making the Funway Residence a place of worship among those who want to come to Madrid to study, either for a few days or for several years, in this time we have had everything. Here are several comments from people who touched our hearts and to whom we will always be grateful because they are already part of the history of this Student Residence.

Patricia Fonseca

“I came from town to Madrid, at first I was a bit lost, I had come to study design of ephemeral structures and everything was like silk. I stayed in a room with a terrace and enjoyed every day of it, even when it was raining, because sitting down to see how the rain soaked the windows of my room opened my mind to think about new creativities for my projects. Today I live in Amsterdam and I miss every corner of the residence. “

Jesus career

“Since I passed through the Residence my life changed for the better, I made a gang with people who had the same concerns as me, I approved my opposition almost without realizing it and what is better, I met the woman of my life in that residence. Today I write you with our son in arms. Thanks for changing my life”.

Kristen Codrington

“I came to do an intensive Spanish course, the Residence surprised me a lot, I had been in other residences in the United States, and none had a Sauna or a pool on the terrace, it was very well connected and very safe. Every time someone says “I’m going to study in Madrid,” I always tell them the same as the Funway Student Residence. “

Blanca Guisasola

“My cousin recommended it to me because I am a kitchenette and in the Funway Student Residence you have at your disposal some first level kitchens. I thought I was going to find myself with a couple of electric fueguos and little else. The surprise was amazing when I saw those fires. I became famous for my Vegetable Lasagnas and the Chocolate Coulant”.

Daniel Varo

“I did not know if it was a good idea to share a room, but as soon as I arrived at the Student accommodation, my fears disappeared, which room was more than I could imagine, bright, clean and comfortable, my roommate is in my own film school and Nowadays we have set up a production company, we shot it in the residence with a mobile phone! “

Valentine lock

“For a sports lover like me, finding a student residence with a full gym, heated pool and sauna is something indescribable, I met people from all sides with whom I keep in touch and with whom I still want to remember anecdotes.”

Alejandra Segovia

“My intention was to study in Madrid and I needed a central residence to stay, I love living in the cities and the student residence Funway allowed me, very well connected with the city and its surroundings, I hate to lose hours in public transport and I love to walk to everywhere”.


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