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Tips for preparing an opposition

Do you know how preparing an opposition?

Before preparing an opposition you have to metallize that is a test in which not only is it worth to pass, but it is essential to get the best possible score, since you compete with the other opponents and take them out will depend directly on your level.

So it does not matter what type of opposition you prepare (State, Autonomous Communities and local), you must be as competitive as possible. Continue reading “Tips for preparing an opposition”


Do you know the oppositions that you can choose with your degree?

More and more people decide to study oppositions. Economic instability along with the lack of work makes many young people want to access some form of public employment.

There are different public positions of different positions and responsibilities. Depending on the studies you have and the oppositions you present you can choose a different type of public employment.

For all those who have opted to study oppositions, today from Funway we explain what oppositions you can choose according to your degree. Continue reading “Oppositions”

Benefits of Opossite

Would you like to study oppositions?

According to research studies in Spain each year two million people decide to oppose. The crisis that has lashed for several years and the precarious wages that private organizations offer, make every day thousands of young people decide to study some OPPOSITIONS.

Therefore, for all those who want to prepare competitions, today from Funway we explain you sone advantages.

Continue reading “Benefits of Opossite”