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Benefits of Opossite

Would you like to study oppositions?

According to research studies in Spain each year two million people decide to oppose. The crisis that has lashed for several years and the precarious wages that private organizations offer, make every day thousands of young people decide to study some OPPOSITIONS.

Therefore, for all those who want to prepare competitions, today from Funway we explain you sone advantages.

Advantages of opposing in Spain

A work for life

The instability of private companies makes many bets to oppose. The security that today represents for many to have a job for life makes it worth the hours and hours of study and sacrifice.

Voluntary exemption

The possibility of being able to enjoy voluntary leave in the case of civil servants is something that is not seen much in private companies. The worker doesn´t have to give explanations of the reasons or reasons for which he will request the leave. After the time of leave granted the worker can join his job.

Flexibility of schedules, continuous working day

Officials normally enjoy the day. They say that this flexibility of schedules is very good to reconcile family life and to gain in quality of life.

Good salary

There are different types of salaries depending on the type of opposition you have studied. You can not compare the salaries of civil servants with other people who work for private companies. Wages in public administration are usually higher.

Extraordinary payments

There are many companies that prorate the extraordinary payments in the salary to be a little high the monthly salary. In public administration this doesn´t happen.

Promotion possibilities

Officials have the potential to grow within the public administration and achieve a higher position.

And you? Are you encouraged to study oppositions?

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