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Master Final Proyect

Are you doing a master and you need help with your final project?

As you already know to realize a master is not an easy task. Some decide to study it at the end of the career before joining the labor market and others do even work.

As you know, every master ends with a final project, usually it is usually a summary to demonstrate if you have reached the knowledge during the program.

From Funway we explain the keys needed to prepare your final master project.

Decide your tutor

There are times according to the master that the school is directly responsible for granting you a tutor. Other times you are given a choice between a few and you decide who you prefer to accompany you during the process. The tutor will be in charge of helping you throughout the project.

Choose a star matter

This is one of the most important parts of the project. Always try to choose a topic that you are passionate about, you will find it much easier when it comes to working on it.

Define objectives

Focus on this point and spend as much time as you need. Setting the goals well will give you ease in developing the content. It differs from the general objective of the specific ones. Our recommendation sets realistic, measurable and feasible objectives.

Plan and organize yourself

Organize and plan everything before you start. Separate by dates the times you will need for each part and meet the times. If you get this part, the rest will come alone.

Write content

You already have all the information collected and you need to shape everything that you have been working for a long time. Follow the format rules that require you. Normally you will begin with an introduction, followed by the development of the body and end with the conclusions. Don´t forget the biographical references and attachments, are essential for your tutor to know where you have extracted all the information.

Make an oral presentation

It´s time to bring it before the court. Usually you will have about 20 minutes. Our advice, get yourself a power point and summarize the most important.

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