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¿Don´t you know how to use and maximize your soft skills?

For those that are looking for a job or even for those who already have one, from Funway we would like to give you some tips of how to successfully use social skills or soft skills so demanded by headhunters.  In case you don´t know, so important are the hard skills as the soft ones. The first are those that we show when we introduce ourselves in a job interview. It is the knowledge we have gained over years of training. Now, when we are part of a team, the skills we use to engage and deal with the problems that appear in the day are called social skills. Communication, organization, teamwork, punctuality, creativity, adaptability are some of the most social skills demanded by head-hunters.  However, Why some people who have these soft skills don´t show it?
There are two reasons why you have all these social skills but you aren´t being recognized.

 1. Dunning-Kruger effect.

This consists of a series of experiments conducted by David Dunning and Justin Kruger which showed that individuals who don´t have many social skills or knowledge suffer from a feeling of superiority that is not real, considered more intelligent than other people more prepared. The contrary happens with highly qualified individuals who tend to underestimate their abilities thinking they are less intelligent and assuming their lack of social skills.


2.You don’t know how to show yours soft-skills
Sometimes it´s difficult to express the social skills of each without being narcissistic. In a job interview talking about how good we do certain things enhancing our skills can be uncomfortable and sometimes seem self-centered.

But you know how to act and highlight your social skills, ASK.

Talk to your boss about your skills and don´t be afraid to ask how you can improve on that you have lower. Only then you could improve.

From Funway we are confident that improving your social skills, you will have more confidence in yourself and more opportunities in your career.


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