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Do you want to know what skills are most valued by companies?

To get a job there are two essential things: to have professional skills and technical skills required for that job and also have other skills that aren´t specific to the profession but serve to all others. From Funway we suggest skills most valued by head-hunters. Remember that skills can be improved through training and experience. 


Are you ready to make decisions or leading? Some people are born leaders. Some teachers say that as they spend more than two hours with children up to 3 years can know if they have leading personality. If you have vision and you are able to manage teams, if you have passion for what you do and know how to communicate, then you are a huge leader.


It´s one of the strongest powers. It´s pointless to know everything if you can´t work with other people. Can you share responsibility with other people? The ability to work in teams makes us more discretion and thus enriches the team’s vision. Listening, anticipate problems, communicators and listening. And if you add the humility to recognize mistakes, then one of your responsibilities is to work as a team. 


Are you always expecting to be told what you have to do? Or, ¿are you one of those who always take the initiative?

Having initiative is to create opportunities and improve results without being asked.

You know how to identify a problem without anyone asks you.

Confidence in yourself

Do you have doubts about yourself or Do you have your goals clear?

If you know you have enough ablity to successfully perform a task and you can express your opinion trusting your own decisions, you have self-confidence


Commitment to the company

Are you committed to the company? All companies and organizations like to believe in them. In this way you could perform all our tasks successfully.

From Funway We hope our small tips will be useful.

If you don´t have some of these competences, work hard and for sure you´ll get it.


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