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Do you need some experience to find a job and don´t you know how to write a CV?

Nowdays young people find that problem. Find a job without previous experience is not an easy task. Therefore, from Funway We would like to give you some tips to get that job that you love.

The first thing You have to do is identify your best qualities. How to get it? It´s too easy. Take a pen and paper and make a list of all the things that make you stand out on the rest of your competitors, use your main skills. I´m sure it´s what the headhunters look first.

Your presentation should be exciting

Here is where you have to separate yourself from the rest.

You can start presenting you with your education level, for example law student … Use all your creativity, try to be as brief as possible. With 150 characters will be perfect.

Mention your extracurricular tasks

Doesn´t matter If You don´t earn money doing some work. We are sure you lernt something. If you participated in some volunteer work you specify that you made or whether you used to hand write an article on the website of the University, I´t will be perfect to know the level of writing you have. Think about everything you did and make and writte it.


Dont´t forget to highlight your skills

Are you an expert on social networks? Do you know about Ms Office? and are you good in power point presentations? Do you have some languages? Do you have driving license ?. Descrive any skill you have. It sure it will be positive let head hunter know .


Finally add some personality and creativity in everything you say and what you do !!!!

Have you won any awards? Do you practice any sport?. Write some hobbies is always interesting. Sport is a hobby that is well regarded because it involves a healthy lifestyle. Art can involve creativity. Volunteer help involves interest in helping others …

From Funway We hope our small tips will be useful.

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