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5 reasons to work in Madrid after University

5 reasons to work in Madrid after University

Madrid is a city full of career opportunities university is over so If you don´t know yet whether or not to continue in the capital, from Funway We recommend you 5 reasons why It´s a good idea to stay.

It´s multicultural

Madrid is a city where people live from all over the world. It is a cosmopolitan place, therefore you have the opportunity to meet people with an incredible background.

The story behind is wonderful

It’s exciting. You can not imagine the story behind this city, from the Muslim era to the Bourbons. It is a city full of stories and legends.

It has an excellent public transport network

Madrid has one of the best public transport networks in the world. No car is needed to get around the city. Connections seamlessly with the main points of interest besides being 30% cheaper than in the rest of the European Union.

You´ll never get bored

You’ll always have something to do. There are amazing museums and art galleries. It is filled with theaters, musicals and numerous concerts and festivals where the best artists play. You’ll find thousand of places for tapas, take the afternoon or relax.

It’s rich in gastronomy

It is an international cousine benchmark You can enjoy a varied kind of dishes. Numerous gastronomic routes, markets, fairs, tastings, seminars are held … And if you didn’t know it concentrates also numerous restaurants of many different nationalities.

Definitely it is a city where you can expand your horizons and live a unique experience. And moreover if you choose Funway where you will feel like at home.


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