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How to choose a master

Which will be the correct master face to your future work?

In Spain, 40% of university graduates usually start working at the end of the career and the remaining 60% choose to continue studying to gain employability with a specialization.

It is true that times do not accompany the labor market and the incorporation to it is expensive, so the option to expand training is a good way to achieve it.

The offer of masters is becoming more extensive, and making the decision of what may be the right face to the future job is sometimes very difficult.

That’s why from the Funway Resort student residence we want to help you decide correctly.

Let’s start considering that when choosing a master or postgraduate there are many variables to consider: university, residency, specialty, modality, which will contribute to our professional career … Continue reading “How to choose a master”

Master and Innovation

Don´t you know the the new subjects in Innovation that are taught nowodays in Masters? 

Nowadays the companies demand more professionals who have competences in Innovation and it is that the technology keeps growing at a frenetic pace.

Master and Innovation are two concepts that go hand in hand since these programs must prepare the student to acquire new ways of thinking and creating.

For all this, business schools and universities offering masters have been obliged to develop changes in the content of their programs including novel and useful concepts.

Many Masters hold workshops with some current and necessary concepts. Today from Funway we will analyze and define a series of concepts in the field of Innovation that will surely help you to cover some of the basic needs of a company or organization. Continue reading “Master and Innovation”