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Sharing in our Student’s Residence

Eating is a social act in the Mediterranean lifestyle. Our student residence wants to convey this way of life because we believe that in addition to being healthy, it helps to make us happier. One way of sharing is embracing the cultural diversity and offering a diverse range of menu options to suit all students’ eating habits. Yummy!


A spacious living room with floor to ceiling windows that allows the entrance of natural light. This stay of our university residence is full of color, celebrating the act of sharing food. In the dining hall of our restaurant, guests who have chosen the option half board or full board will have a prepare Mediterranean or international menu. Healthy and fresh foods provide the energy that you need to study efficiently. We have, if you need, options adapted to all kinds of diets and information on allergens in our menus.

Cooking Lounge

Sometimes cooking is relaxing. You may want to surprise a guest or your colleagues with a traditional recipe of your city or country of origin. If you simply prefer to make meals at your own pace, the Cooking Lounge (kitchen) will make your life uncomplicated: in this large room you have several kitchens with all equipment and tableware necessary to store the ingredients, refrigerators, microwave…. And of course, both indoor and outdoor eating areas so you can taste your dishes while you relax watching the sky of Madrid.

cafetería y barra en residencia


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Entertaiment Area

Since the middle of the nineteenth century due to social changes and pedagogical theories of Pestalozzi and Froebel is well known the importance of leisure in both physical and mental health and the beneficial influence it exerts.

For all this in our university residence Funway Resort, you can enjoy those leisure time in which you want to clear your mind by distracting yourself in a playground designed to meet the goals marked “a healthy leisure helps a healthy mind”

From billiards to darts you will go through a series of games where you can interact with other companions enjoying pleasant moments in which your body relaxes and recharges energy.

Fitness Center

Funway Resort puts at your disposal a perfectly equipped gym so that you keep your body in top form. Elliptical, rowing, free weight, fitball … are some of the many options that you find in our gym to be able to exercise your muscles while exercising the mind. All this located in a pleasant environment and with a space suitable for you to feel comfortable in your workouts.

In the university residence Funway Resort, we know how important it is to feel good about yourself and the repercussion that this feeling has on society.

Successful people are the ones who felt good about themselves and fought for their goals.. That’s why from here we want to offer you all kinds of comforts to achieve your goals with assured success.

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