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Please read carefully the following conditions before completing the form of reservation.

Conditions of reservation for stays of the full academic  year and intermediate stays  in Funway Academic Resort

Please pay careful attention to the information below on the conditions of reservation request, prices and services of Funway ACADEMIC RESORT. You should check the check box at the end, to complete the booking request form.

1. Economic Conditions 2017/18

1.1 Fees

SINGLE ESTÁNDAR 1400 1550 1300 1450
SINGLE SUPERIOR 1550 1700 1450 1600
SINGLE SUITE 1700 1850 1550 1700
DOBLE 1250 1400 1100 1250
DOBLE SUITE 1550 1700 1400 1550
SINGLE ADAPTADA 1550 1700 1450 1600

MP = Half-Board Room

PC = Full Board Room

IVA inclusive. Check Anexo I.

1.2. Reservation Request

After filling in the booking form so we can reserve your place, you must make a payment of 1000 €, by bank transfer to the account: Swift/BIC BSCHESMMXXX.

IBAN ES45 0049 5127 1120 1629 0714.

After the transfer, you must send proof of payment to indicating the Reservation + your full name.

This amount will be returned after the first payment.

1.3. Deposit (bond)

Once admitted / to the residence, you must make a payment as deposit (bond) by the amount specified in Annex I (1,000 €). Payment is made by bank transfer to the account: Swift/BIC BSCHESMMXXX. IBAN ES45 0049 5127 1120 1629 0714.

After the transfer, you must send proof of payment to indicating the BAIL + your full name issue.

This amount serves to ensure potential repair costs caused by damage to facilities or materials which are the responsibility of the resident and, in general, to ensure compliance with any of the obligations of the resident. The amount of the deposit, after deducting (if any) the expenses described above, will be returned at the end of your stay. Buyouts that are not properly justified academically entail the penalty payment reserve and the bond deposited.

1.4. Form of payment

We offer the possibility to choose the method of payment that suits you:

If you select long stay (over 90 days):

  • single payment of the entire stay: a discount of 5% of the annuity will apply. a single receipt will be issued during the first 10 days from the start of your contract.
  • Payment in three times: 3 receipts divided in three equal payments will be issued: a principle of contract, from 1 to 10 January and from 1 to 10 April. In the case of non-payment of a fee, the discount applied will be lost.


If selecting  intermediate stay (more than 30 days and less than 90 days):

  • single payment of the entire stay: A single receipt will be issued during the first 1 day from the start of your contract.


Payments shall be made through direct debit, charged to the account you specify. All residents U.E members must have a bank account within the space U.E for debit payments.

Nonresident students in U.E. They must make payments by direct debit to credit / debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

1.5. Optional services and consumption

See Annex I.

Modification or cancellation of reserved services should be made during the first 15 days prior to its due date of the month . In the method of payment in three times , the cancellation of services from the next assessment must be made 15 days before the start of it.

In the form of one-time payment, you can not cancel the contracted services

2. Contract duration

See contract duration in Annex I.

Intermediate levels have a minimum duration of one month and are considered long after the 90 days.

3. Formalization of Booking and buying proccess

3.1. Ending the process of reservation

To request a reservation in residence is essential to have a valid email address since all administrative procedures are carried out online. Please fill in the booking form and you will automatically receive an email at the address specified on the form, with instructions to complete the process. This is the email that will be used for all subsequent communications with Funway ACADEMIC RESORT. To finalize the request of reservation, it is essential to make the payment of the reservation request by bank transfer to the indicated account number and send proof of payment. Otherwise the request will be rejected.

3.2. Room reservation process

Once the payment is received, you will receive an email with the receipt of your payment.

As soon as we have a vacancy that matches the type of room  that you have requested, we will email you your accommodation contract. You have seven calendar days to fill up and  send the contract back so you can  reserve your room.

If within those seven days you decide to confirm your reservation, you must make payment of the deposit, as described in section 1.3 of these conditions. After this payment, you will have successfully completed your reservation process.

Once  seven days end, the room will no longer be reserved for you. If you wish to continue with the reservation  process, you should contact our Resident Service (+34 915 798 116)

4 .Acceptance and Allocation of places

The allocation of places to students will take into account the date where the signing of the contract and payment of the deposit was made.

They have priority:

  • Students of universities / convention centers.

Preference in admission those who wish to stay with us a full academic year.

If demand exceeds the number of places available rooms a waiting list will be created.

5. Conditions for returning and for not returning the payment of reservation

5.1. Conditions for returning the payment of reservation

  1. If the residence can not assign the room requested due to lack of available rooms.
  2. If you do not obtain a place at the University or at the study center you have applied for, as long as you  email a copy of the non-acceptance letter of the University or study center.

5.2. Conditions for not returning the payment reserve

  1. If you voluntarily and at any time you give up the space requested / provided by the residence.
  2. If the student is accepted to the university or research center requested and voluntarily decide to study at another university
  3. If you do not communicate by  writing and within a week that you  have been denied the visa to enter Spain.
  4. In the cases provided in the accommodation contract.

5.3. Repayment period of reservation payment

Refunds of payments subject to students who have not been accepted and the casualties have been  justified, shall be repaid from within 10 days.

6. Waiting list

The residence will open a waiting list for all those students who have presented their application and have not been accepted due to limited space.

Anexo I

SINGLE ESTÁNDAR 1350 1500 1250 1400
SINGLE SUPERIOR 1500 1650 1400 1550
SINGLE SUITE 1650 1800 1500 1650
DOBLE 1200 1350 1050 1200
DOBLE SUITE 1500 1650 1350 1500
SINGLE ADAPTADA 1500 1650 1400 1550

Prices unclude:

MP: Breakfast + dinners

PC: Breakfast + Meals + dinners

  • Consume
  • cleaning of the room twice a week
  • weekly change of sheets and towels
  • Internet Wi-Fi and wire
  • TV Antenna
  • Use of Common Areas
  • Fitness Center
  • Spa
  • Library
  • Cooking Lounge
  • TV Room
  • Game Room
  • Siesta Room
  • Storage

Optional Services:

  • Half board from Monday to Sunday: 195€/month
  • Full Board from Monday to Sunday: 325€/month
  • Massage Service
  • Personal Trainer
  • Language Clases
  • Parking car, motor or bicycle
  • Laundry

Reservation payment: 1000 €. This amount will be refunded when the first payment is received.

Deposit (bond): 1000 €.

Pices person/month. IVA included (10%)

Funway ACADEMIC RESORT SL, is responsible for a file of personal data, in which data collected from those who made the reservation request are included, whose purpose is the management and performance of the contractual relationship established as a result of the application booking made. Also, Funway ACADEMIC RESORT SL, process the data for sending commercial and advertising information about activities, products, services, offers, special promotions and documentation of various kinds of the Company and belonging to the housing sector and different means, including electronic means, and can make automatic valuations, obtain profiles and work customer segmentation, based on the information available on them, in order to customize the treatment according to their characteristics and / or needs . The processing of data for these purposes will be maintained, while maintaining any bargaining or contractual relationship with the Company and even after the cessation of such relations. Regarding third-party data (eg parent / guardian) the customer to provide the Company, the customer guarantees have informed the said third parties or inform in the three months immediately following the provision of data to the terms and purposes described above and have obtained or obtain their authorization for communication of data to the Company. To exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition must be sent an identified with the reference “Data Protection” written, in which the request is concrete and accompanied by a photocopy of the National Identity of the person concerned, the following address: C / Alonso Castrillo 22. 28020, Madrid.

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IMPORTANT: Remember, in order to book your room, you must do a transference of 1000 euros in concept of "reserva de plaza" to the account Swift/BIC BSCHESMMXXX IBAN ES45 0049 5127 1120 1629 0714 and send us the check of payment to with the issue: RESERVA DE PLAZA + your name and surnames.

I Accept the terms and conditions of reservations, prices and services of FUNWAY ACADEMIC RESORT.