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Do you know the oppositions that you can choose with your degree?

More and more people decide to study oppositions. Economic instability along with the lack of work makes many young people want to access some form of public employment.

There are different public positions of different positions and responsibilities. Depending on the studies you have and the oppositions you present you can choose a different type of public employment.

For all those who have opted to study oppositions, today from Funway we explain what oppositions you can choose according to your degree.

Types of oppositions:

Group A Oppositions

These oppositions are divided into two major groups: Subgroup A1 and subgroup A2.

The first subgroup refers to all undergraduate students. The tasks of management and high management will be those that will have to perform with this type of oppositions.
The second subgroup is addressed to all graduate students.

Group B Oppositions

In order to gain access to group B competitions, students will have to have the title of Higher Technical Vocational Training. They will perform execution and management functions.

Group C Oppositions

They are divided into two subgroups: Subgroup C1 and Subgroup C2 by degree.
The C1 Subgroup is addressed to all those who have the full bachelor’s degree. The functions to be carried out with this type of opposition will be those of an administrative nature.

All persons graduated from school or graduated from secondary education will belong to Subgroup C2.

Other types of oppositions

There are other public employment charges for all those who do not have any type of degree.

As you can see in the public administration, you can access a position for life, the only difference being the level of education that the person has.

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