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Masters and Specialization

Do you know the differences between Master and Specialization?

As we know, young people today are better educated. Not only do they have a university degree, they also know languages, they have a Masters or Specialization. And is that, the better formed you are more likely to succeed in the future.

It´s not to differentiate the different academic degrees after a bachelor’s degree. All these types of degrees or programs vary according to duration, number of credits and degree of knowledge.

Today from Funway we explain the differences that exist between Masters and Specialization.

Differences between Master’s and Specialization


The masters are to provide superior training in a discipline and deepen this training in the technological, theoretical, and research development of that particular area.

They usually have a higher hourly load than the Specialization, about 540 hours along with a minimum of 160 hours divided into research tasks and tutorials.

To conclude this type of studies, the student must present a final paper or thesis that brings together all the knowledge learned.

There are masters of research and professional masters.


This type of postgraduate program consists of training the student to obtain a greater theoretical, technical and methodological knowledge in a professional discipline always through the practice. The purpose of this postgraduate is to get the student to specialize in a particular profession or field of application or area.

At the end of the student will obtain a title of academic specialist. These postgraduate courses usually have a minimum working load of 360 hours.

In short, Specializing in a specific subject has many advantages, you will have more knowledge than those who have studied something more general.
From Funway we recommend that you take into account the differences between one and another, either one will be a good choice.

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