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Study a doctorate

Do you want to study a doctorate and don´t know what types exist?

Many students who complete a university degree decide to study a doctorate to acquire even more advanced training. The doctoral studies are the university degree of the high level.

The PhD programs consist of a period of training and a research period culminating in the doctoral thesis.

Doctoral students need one period of training and one of organized research. The set of both activities is a program known as the Doctoral Program.

For all students who want to do a doctorate in Madrid, Funway explains the types of doctorates that exist.

Types of Doctorate:

Honorary Doctorate

An Honorary Doctorate degree is awarded to people who have achieved remarkable successes in their professional field. It could be the university that is trying to grant this title to a particular individual of the individual who decides to submit an application to the university explaining why it deserves to be awarded the title.

There are times that the title is also granted to people for their professional career.

Professional PhD

Professional PhDs are designed to train and prepare students to become experts in a specific field. These types of degrees include areas such as business, law, health, education and management.

These programs serve for the student to achieve a promotion or a certain prestige. The duration is usually three years.

Doctorate of Research

Students must pass a period of training and research work. The training period will consist of a series of preparatory activities.

The period of research on the contrary was based on the choice of a topic that was studied studied and investigated in depth conducting a doctoral thesis. The doctoral thesis has to be exposed before a court and they are the ones who decide whether it is apt or not.

The options of employment that they obtained once obtained the title of Doctor or Doctor are innumerable for that reason from Funway we always encourage you to continue forming you.

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