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Scenic Fear

Scenic Fear

Are you afraid of the stage and do not know how to overcome it?

Scenic fear is scientifically known as glossophobia (terror to speak in public). According to experts 95% of the population suffers more or less anxiety when talking to a group of people.

Many suffer from stuttering, sweating, tachycardias when it comes to exposing something. There are even some who have such a bad time that they are able to stay blank and not remember anything that would explain to that particular group.

If you are one of those who are studying a university degree, master, postgraduate course … and you are scared scenic, today from Funway we help you to overcome it with a few simple tricks.

Tricks to beat scenic fear

Study the subject in depth

No matter what you have to say or expose. The more you research on a specific topic, the better you will dominate the presentation.

Synthesize and time

Summarizing what you are going to say will help you control the situation. Do not overdo the time you have planned for the presentation. Time the time you take and rehearse it several times until you are sure you will.

Don´t improvise

Improvisation in this case will not help you. The more you practice the better you will. There are some people who expose in public and improvise like no one, not anything if you are one of those who need to practice it over and over again.

Practice in front of mirror

This method is very effective. Most people who are afraid of the stage are at the same time afraid to make a fool of themselves, to be left blank. If you try in front of the mirror you can correct everything you do wrong and will help you make small modifications to make your presentation more interesting.

Practice with friends and family

Practicing the speech with friends and family will help you lose your shame. It is one of the oldest tricks but certainly one of those that work the most.

Help yourself with power point

Don’t´t mean that you write your speech in power point and read it, simply that leaning on technology your presentation will be easier since the slides will help you to structure the dialogue and do not lose the thread of the speech in no time.

From Funway we hope that with these little tricks you end up conquering your phobia and you become an expert speaker.

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