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Tips for preparing an opposition

Do you know how preparing an opposition?

Before preparing an opposition you have to metallize that is a test in which not only is it worth to pass, but it is essential to get the best possible score, since you compete with the other opponents and take them out will depend directly on your level.

So it does not matter what type of opposition you prepare (State, Autonomous Communities and local), you must be as competitive as possible.

Here we leave you some tips

Personal situation

You must analyze your personal situation, reflect on your life, and how you can face the challenge of presenting yourself to oppositions with guarantees to overcome it, be honest with yourself, it is the basis of any planning. You must be honest with yourself.

Situation of the oppositions

Study the oppositions to which you are going to present yourself, its degree of difficulty, its places, its agenda, any information you have will be good, investigate, you will need it.


You must do a long-term planning, analyze the work to be done, the agenda, see if you will need some reinforcement in the form of private classes. Try to plan the year as best as possible and then strive to fulfill that plan.

Do not acquire new obligations

Once you have decided to prepare an opposition try not to commit to anything else, the opposition will require you as long as possible, remember, do not compete against a note but against more opponents.

Positive your thought

It is going to be a hard time in which you will live for the opposition but you should not stop being positive. Remember the benefits of an opposition, take your days off from time to time, surround yourself with people who are studying at a similar rate, if you are in a student residence you will find this environment easier because it is more normal to find people who oppose.

And remember, you can do it.


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