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Sharing a room, student accommodation

Sharing a room or not sharing it?

When entering a student residence that gives you the opportunity to have a room for you only or otherwise gives you the opportunity to share it, some have it very clear, and others however not so much. Let’s see what are the benefits of sharing a room.

Advantages of sharing a room in a student residence


The first big advantage falls by its own weight, as Liverpool “you will never walk alone”, you will always be accompanied and that will make the first days you are very wrapped up, that you have someone with whom to share your first experiences and in which to support you when doing any kind of favor.

Study environment

Let’s not forget the reason why you are in a student residence, which is no other than studying and taking advantage of time. If you have a roommate it is easier for both of you to agree to study and surrender more. It’s like studying in a library, if everyone studies, you study.

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It makes you someone more orderly

Living with someone requires that you be more attentive to order, you can not leave your things lying around because you will not like that your partner’s things are lying around, you will be more orderly and therefore more mature.


The shared rooms are usually cheaper because the expenses are divided between two, that will allow you to have more money per month for your expenses, that translates into more movies, more concerts, more plans outside the residence because you you can allow.


If you get along well with your roommate and get a harmony, it will not be difficult for you to repeat for years to come, that you end up wanting a lot and that a friendship that lasts a lifetime is born. The companions help each other in the bad moments and enjoy themselves in the good ones, the basis of any friendship.


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