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Study and work at the same time

Are you one of those who study and work at the same time?

Not all students have the economic capacity to be able to dedicate themselves only to study and to survive, many, more and more need some extra income. Studying and working at the same time is a sign of maturity, but it is also something that is not easy, here are some tips to be able to take it successfully.

Advice to study and work at the same time without dying in the attempt

Speak with your teachers

Teachers are usually understandable and empathetic people, many of them have surely been in your situation and will understand you perfectly. Do not expect any special help from them, but understanding wich is very necessary when you are making an effort.

Be organized

Agenda, agenda and agenda, is what you have left. Think that you now have twice as much work and that is only carried forward through organization. If you are not someone organized, we recommend a board  with your tasks, so you do not go through any of them. Remember the organization always helps you. It’s the only way.

Seize the day

It is the smartest thing you can do, if you take the time and especially if you advance in your studies you will be taking away tasks that you will have to do tomorrow. You will optimize your time and you will reach all your “dead lines”.

Study at work

Maybe the type of work you have allows you to study while you work, if you have time and possibility take advantage and study at work, do not waste your time in banalities or in talks with your colleagues, remember that the important thing is your studies, shoot time to time.


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