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Study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Benefits of study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Expanding your studies in a foreign country may be a very good option because it will open your mind in a very positive way. If you have chosen Spain, even though it is a fairly easy country you must take into account a series of points so that your experience is positive and you can get all the necessary performance to a unique experience.

Points to consider if you are a foreigner and you are going to study in a postgraduate course in Spain


Spain is a country where Spanish is spoken in all its geography, so you must master it perfectly, since classes will usually always be in Spanish, especially in postgraduate and master courses. If you are Latin American you will not have any problem. If you are from a country of non-Hispanic origin it is important that you have a good Spanish base both spoken and written.

Letter of motivation and curriculum vitae

One of the requirements to enter a Spanish university is usually the motivation letter and the curriculum vitae. They are very serious things that you must work hard and not leave for the last days. Try to have them checked by a qualified teacher or friend before sending them.


You must make sure that all your papers are in order before coming to Spain, this is quite important, the immigration laws are becoming stricter and a single paper can lead you to ruin your plans. Remember that fixing the papers once in Spain is much more difficult.


The ideal is that you travel a few days before, you locate, solutions the fringes of last minute. The ideal is to give you a few weeks of adaptation, that you can get to know the city, the surroundings, the customs, the different means of public transport, addresses of interest…


Do not feel strange if the first few days you are sad because you have not yet found a group of people with whom to clothe you, quiet, it is normal, the first days are hard for everyone, but you will see how in a short time you will meet people from a thousand sides, Do not forget that Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world and you will meet people from all over.



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