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Funway is a residence for university students, opponents and those who move to Madrid to study a master’s or postgraduate degree.

Study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Benefits of study a postgraduate degree in Spain

Expanding your studies in a foreign country may be a very good option because it will open your mind in a very positive way. If you have chosen Spain, even though it is a fairly easy country you must take into account a series of points so that your experience is positive and you can get all the necessary performance to a unique experience. Continue reading “Study a postgraduate degree in Spain”

Study a postgraduate

¿What is a postgraduate?

After studying a few years in college you finish, you have your degree, your knowledge, and maybe even a job offer, that’s when you get the big doubt, stop or continue studying a post degree. What is the best choice?. As always everything depends on the personal circumstances of each one, here we give you the benefits of studying a post degree. Continue reading “Study a postgraduate”