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The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018

Master 2018

Do you know what are the most demanded masters of 2018?

Last year we talked about the most demanded masters of 2017 and it is that the end of the course is approaching and many are the young people who will take the step from the school to the University. Others will decide to do a master to specialize more in a particular subject. As is logical, the doubts about what to study is something that happens normally. Deciding on a university degree or a master’s degree is something that will surely determine your future. Our advice let yourself be carried away by your senses that surely in the end you will take the correct option.

Most demanded masters of 2018


The world of telecommunications has such a high demand that more and more young people are deciding to study something related to this specific topic. This type of profile is demanded by service companies and manufacturers.

Information technology

Big Data, Informatics, programmers, web application developers. All these types of profiles are in high demand. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and therefore specializing in this sector will be a safe bet.

Marketing and sales

The Growth Hacking profile is being highly demanded by companies. A profession that started with the rapid growth of start-ups such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, AirBnb, etc., which have increased their value to millions of euros in a short time.

Key Account Manager

Any master related to this type of profile will have enough output for your professional future. It is the person who is responsible for managing customers. Its main objective is to ensure the maintenance of long-term relationships between a client and a company.

Sport Nutrition

Today, sport and maintaining healthy habits is something that almost everyone works on a daily basis. More and more people are seeking advice when setting goals and planning a training. Hence, many decide to specialize in sports nutrition.


Currently companies are modernizing and seeking the satisfaction of their employees. It is demonstrated that a worker is much more efficient the more motivated he is in his job. The coaching or personal trainer gets the maximum potential of a worker and that has a positive effect on the results of the company.

These are some of the masters of 2018 most demanded and with most professional output.


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