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Lifestyle at the Funway student residence

Do you want to know how is the lifestyle in Funway student residence?

 The student residences, although it seems that they are not, are very different from each other. Starting with the facilities but above all for the lifestyle that prevails in them. There are residences of students who are stricter, more serious, more modern, more Catholic, agnostic, we would almost dare to say that there are student residences designed for each type of student. That does not mean that they are better or worse, simply that they are different and that is why it is very important to choose a residence according to our way of being, since we will be there for a long enough period of time and it is fundamental to be in an environment that be nice. Continue reading “Lifestyle at the Funway student residence”

The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018

Do you know what are the most demanded masters of 2018?

Last year we talked about the most demanded masters of 2017 and it is that the end of the course is approaching and many are the young people who will take the step from the school to the University. Others will decide to do a master to specialize more in a particular subject. As is logical, the doubts about what to study is something that happens normally. Deciding on a university degree or a master’s degree is something that will surely determine your future. Our advice let yourself be carried away by your senses that surely in the end you will take the correct option. Continue reading “The Masters most demanded by our university residents in 2018”