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Lifestyle at the Funway student residence

Lifestyle in Funway

Do you want to know how is the lifestyle in Funway student residence?

 The student residences, although it seems that they are not, are very different from each other. Starting with the facilities but above all for the lifestyle that prevails in them. There are residences of students who are stricter, more serious, more modern, more Catholic, agnostic, we would almost dare to say that there are student residences designed for each type of student. That does not mean that they are better or worse, simply that they are different and that is why it is very important to choose a residence according to our way of being, since we will be there for a long enough period of time and it is fundamental to be in an environment that be nice.

Values ​​of the Funway student residence

Open mind

The opening for us is very important, in Funway we are open to all types of students, regardless of nationality, race, religion, sex or sexual option. In our residence everyone is welcome, we like to welcome new people and exchange experiences with them, that enriches us all.


The Funway student residence is a modern residence, here you can develop without taboos or prejudices, we are located in the heart of Madrid, and live the city constantly, we move and evolve with it. We love it, that makes us feel alive.


Gone are the days in which students had to study with a blanket and a candle, in the student residence Funway we believe that the student should enjoy the best facilities available, so you can develop and advance your studies in a organic and fluid way. For this we have rooms of last generation, with lots of natural light, where space is used to the maximum for its best functionality.


It is the most important to know how to live together, it is a challenge for us, that students live together in harmony. For this we have created spaces of common areas, bright, dynamic, where students converge and can relate in a healthy and appetizing environment. Sites as important as a dining room, kitchens, swimming pool, study spaces or gym, will cause all energies to flow in a positive way.










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